Opposites Attract?

Opposites Attract?

In very many ways Ross and I are entirely compatible. We enjoy a good box set – whether it be the Gilmore Girls (where Ross has been known to hide behind his hands) or The Walking Dead (where I certainly hide behind my hands!). We love to play Rock Band and we enjoy a variety of different music. We it comes to food, we have been known to enjoy a pie or two from Higgidy and we also love a good curry.

Opposites Attract

There are things on which we differ though.

Ross loves wrestling. Me, not so much. His love for wrestling has spilled over onto Grace who can recognise a WWE wrestler’s music far better than I can! I do watch a match or two and am quite picky about which ones they are. I also have to be in the right mood.

By the same token, Ross is very tolerant with my love of photography and cameras and understanding all the jargon. I talk to him about shutter speeds and aperture and he just looks at me and nods!

Probably the thing that we have the biggest difference of though, is body temperature. I will feel the cold even on a hot sunny day whereas Ross just has to have a glimpse of the sun and he has to remove layers!


Of course, this means we can experience some rather issues when it comes to bedtime. It is far easier for me to get warmer than for him to get cooler. We tend to put the air conditioning on from around April onwards and then I have to make sure that I get togged up to keep out the cold! The duvet is the main issue here. It is all very well having lovely bedding and we have been known to use this Yorkshire Linen’s duvet cover on it’s own in the summer when it is really hot so it means that I have to have an extra blanket. We have also since found out that you can get a split tog duvet from  – now that is something that would definitely come in handy!

What differences do you have with your partner?

This is a collaborative post.

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  1. June 23, 2015 / 7:15 pm

    My husband and I have so much NOT in common its just crazy. I just wrote about our different travel styles. He´s fast and adventurous, Im slow and a tag along.

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