Caught Up In Parenting Problems? Get Through With Help From Parental Apps!

Caught Up In Parenting Problems? Get Through With Help From Parental Apps!

Do you believe that your teens have the ability to raise your blood pressure? Don’t worry you aren’t alone! Even the loveliest of kids could push your buttons. The most challenging part of every parent’s parenting is dealing with the teenagers. Being frustrated with your teen’s attitude is a fact of life, but it is best to react very carefully. Balancing the daily routine, going to work and managing the challenge that the teenager can present you has the potential to upset the status quo. But, mums and dads, news is at hand – you could get out of such troublesome situations with some smart parental apps.

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Peace is better than confrontation

Being angry and worked up is nothing unusual when you are parenting teens, but you need to be able to understand them and their problems. It’s the best way to stop you stressing too. You could discuss and share with them what they are going through and provide them with the support and guidance they need. You could be facing challenging situations where it becomes almost impossible to tackle reckless attitudes calmly but the best option is to not rise to this.

Sundance Canyon Academy recently published an infographic which will certainly help you to gain some ideas on how today’s teens are in trouble and why you should assist them in coping up with their challenges.  

This Infographic shows the following stats:

  • 35% of students reported using marijuana
  • 26% reported getting drunk
  • 20% experienced teenage depression before reaching their adulthood
  • The youth between, 10 to 24 had the suicides as the biggest cause of their deaths.

And it isn’t just what’s listed above; a number of 18 year-olds were arrested for aggravated assaults or worse. These all mentioned statistics which reflect that teenagers are more susceptible to reckless and harmful behaviours. 

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Role of a parent in teen’s life

As a parent, you can’t completely blame teens for their mistakes. We are also responsible for their behaviour, upbringing and general wellbeing. The biggest problem is not having ample time set aside for them. We are living in 21st century where life moves faster and faster, livings need to be earned and many things – including parenting –  have changed drastically. No one is to blame and we shouldn’t get frustrated; it just means we have to find the right solution!

They need our presence 24/7

We shouldn’t ignore the fact that whilst problems have evolved, advanced solutions have too. We have the option of adopting smart parenting with the help of apps which can connect us with them at all times. No matter what it takes, we need to ensure we are there for them, and parental control apps like FamilyTime have made it quite simple to be able to do this. Of course, it can’t replace the presence of a parent – nothing ever could – but it can become a part of our support for our kids.

FamilyTime app could be a solution!

This app lets you keep track of teens and their activities virtually. It’s a handy parental app which can monitor their whereabouts, their online activities and their mobile phone usage through their smartphones. It may sound a bit ‘big brother’ but I know I would prefer not to compromise my son or daughter’s safety.

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If you want to know where your teens are at night or if you want to make sure they have reached home safely after school, you can use the virtual map even if you are at work. You can use a PC, smartphone or any other Web-enabled device and check in on them with the app installed in their smartphones. It’s a fun app that actually helps parents a great deal! You can download this app from Google Play or iTunes app store or by simply clicking on the buttons below:

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Get the smart solution!

Teens need our supervision, guidance and our presence. We need to be a role model for them. We have our own commitments, work related challenges and, no doubt, we tend to spend less time with them than we should. Knowing where they are and who they are with will certainly help with at least with a part of our everyday lives – and with the fact that many parents not only have to work but also own a smart device as, in turn, do their children then an app like FamilyTime can only be a good thing!

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