The School Readiness Campaign with Reading Eggs

The School Readiness Campaign with Reading Eggs

GOLDEN-EGGSPLORER-LOGOOne of the first reviews I ever did here on Verily Victoria Vocalises was for Reading Eggs. They were also one of the first giveaways I ran. I have always believed in them as a brand, not only because education is extremely important but also because of the way they go about it. They make it fun. So, when they recently asked me to become one of their ambassadors, known as a ‘Golden Eggsplorer’ I didn’t hesitate to accept. 

This week, Reading Eggs are launching their new campaign called ‘School Readiness’. This is aimed at parents who have little children starting school for the first time in September.  The campaign includes 4 weeks free of Reading Eggs and Mathseeds for you to get their child prepared and starting to learn.


If you haven’t come across them before, Reading Eggs is an absolute must for any parent.  It is an online programme which makes learning to read interesting, fun and engaging using online reading games and activities.  Grace loved it back when I first reviewed it in October 2012 – and she still loves it now.

The programme for younger children has 120 learn-to-read lessons and 96 spelling lessons. As you answer each question correctly, the programme rewards you with golden eggs. You have your own avatar, which the child can alter to suit who they want to be. The lessons are fun and engaging – and I was guilty of having a go myself (but don’t tell anyone!).


Each child has it’s own Map. This includes the lessons, and progress to date, ‘My House’, Reggie’s Shop – were you can spend your golden eggs on items for your house, Skills Bank where you can earn gold bars, Driving Tests – here you can race cars for a certain period of time once you have answered questions, Music Cafe, Puzzle Park and even Storylands where you can create your own books.

Reading Eggs has 4 different levels – First Steps for ages 3-4, Ready for School for 5-year-olds, Fun Practice Makes Perfect for 6-7 years and Continue The Reading Journey for age 7-13 using Reading Eggspress.

Grace has now moved onto the Reading Eggspress which is geared towards the older children. The tasks are trickier, as expected, and the avatar is now more grown-up as is the house and how you spend your eggs. The fun element remains though and Grace loves it as much as before.


Over the next month Reading Eggs are offering 4 weeks free of Reading Eggs and Mathseeds and I have to say that I think that this is a fabulous idea. Currently there are over 3.4 million users of Reading Eggs worldwide so it is easy to see how many people think the same.

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress offer the following:

  • Hundreds of guided reading lessons and thousands of structured activities
  • Over 2000 e-books for early readers, many with read aloud options
  • Learn with fun characters, colourful animations and great songs
  • Track your child’s achievements with detailed progress reports

and Mathseeds offers:

  • 115 guided maths lessons and hundreds of interactive activities
  • Collect golden acorn rewards and hatch exciting pets to enhance motivation
  • Learn with a cast of fun characters and sing along to great songs to help reinforce key concepts

Sign up is easy. Just pop over to their website and enter your details.

Disclosure: I have written this post collaboratively as part of the Golden Eggsplorer Ambassador programme.


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