Planning a function? Let Venuefinder do the ground work

Planning a function? Let Venuefinder do the ground work

Party 1Coming up to my 40th Birthday, I knew that I wanted to have a big party. I am one of those people who think the day you were born is something to be celebrated and, whilst you may share it with a number of other people in the world, it is your day!

The last time I had experienced a birthday party of my own was on my 18th. We were lucky enough to live in a house large enough to accommodate many of my old school friends and a number of my new college friends together with members of my family. Thankfully, my Uncles ran their own disco business, so the music was covered.

For my 40th, I decided that I wanted to invite as many people as possible. I wanted somewhere that people would remember. Places where people could sit and chat, a bar, catering and another room where there was music and dancing.

Party 3

At the time I was living in Sunninghill, Berkshire. I had a budget, of course, so being that near to Ascot was pricey as you could probably imagine.

If I had known about the free service from Venuefinder at the time, my life would have been made so much easier. Not only can you search on location and style of venue, but you can find a place based on it’s delegate/attendee capacity, meeting/function rooms, catering and, if you want people to have the option of staying over, the number of bedrooms. They cover venues for weddings, conferences both nationally and internationally and even have unusual venues on their list.

In the end, after much searching, I selected Englemere in Ascot as my party location. Sadly, this has now closed as a venue but I can recall that we catered for around 120 people. Bucks Fizz was served as a reception drink. There was food and dancing and, once again, a disco from my Uncle. My Mum arranged my cake and the theme was pink and purple. It truly was a party to remember.

Party 4

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  1. March 28, 2015 / 7:53 pm

    Hi Victoria, I love pink and purple (the compliment each other nicely too). I’ve never been big on Birthday celebrations although I still think of my Birthday as my day. Birthdays should be special.

    Venuefinder sounds a handy service to have available to you.


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