My Favourite Book and Film of 2014 #Currysfiresidefiction

My Favourite Book and Film of 2014 #Currysfiresidefiction

My Favourite Film of 2014


The past year has seen a number of cinema visits for us. These have included ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’, ‘Muppets: Most Wanted’ and ‘Paddington’ but I have to say that my most favourite film I have seen this year wasn’t released in 2014. It was a 2013 film and I saw it on DVD.

Back in August we went shopping for my MAD Blog Awards dress. Ross decided to nip into HMV next door to the dress shop whilst I chose the ones I wanted to try on. Whilst he was in there he selected a few films including one for me and one for Grace. Mine was ‘Saving Mr Banks’. But it wasn’t until a couple of months later, one Saturday evening, that we finally sat down to watch it.

‘Saving Mr Banks’ is the back story of ‘Mary Poppins’. It is a film that tells of the author P L Travers which reflects on her childhood as well as her very reluctant meeting with Walt Disney who wanted to make the book into a film.

‘Mary Poppins’ has always been one of my favourite family films. It meant Christmas to me. I would watch it over and over and, years later, another special meaning transpired.  When Grace came along, I purchased the soundtrack and I used to sing ‘Feed the Birds’ to her every night. It was her night time song and it gave both me and her comfort. It still brings tears to my eyes now when I hear it. And these are two of the many reasons I was keen to see the film.

The performances from Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks are fabulous. Hanks, who plays Walt Disney in the film, has always been one of my favourite actors – not only for his performances but also because he is such a decent and lovely man. There is one particular scene towards the end that, to me, is Tom Hanks finest moment on film ever. The speech he delivers as Walt Disney to Thompon’s portrayal of P L Travers is stunning and had me in floods of tears.

‘Saving Mr Banks’ is not only my favourite of the films I have seen in 2014, it has also given me another added meaning to ‘Mary Poppins’. The true story and real meaning behind Jane and Michael and their dad and how it all relates to P L Travers’ very own father and his tragic story.

I would tell you more but I really think you should see it for yourself!

My Favourite Book of 2014

FullSizeRender (2)

I have to admit to not having read that many books this year. I have been too busy reading blog posts! But there is one particular book that I have really enjoyed reading this year. It is entitled ‘Rose Under Fire’ and is by Elizabeth Wein and it has been sitting on my shelf since my birthday back in 2012!

The book tells the story of a young American girl who is based in England during the Second World War. She is an ATA pilot who delivers planes for the RAF during the summer of 1944 but is keen to see some action. However, she comes across more than she bargained for when she is caught by the Nazis whilst flying back from France.

She is put through the notorious Ravensbruck prisoner of war camp and sees some unimaginable horrors.  The book is written in the form of her diary. Once she is rescued, she taken to a hotel in Paris where she waits for her Auntie to collect her and take her home. Whilst in her room – which she is too afraid to leave – she recounts her war camp experience.

I have always been interested in stories about the second world war. It is something that reminds me of my Grandad and, since his death 3 and a half years ago, books like this bring back memories of him and what he may have gone through during his life and, somehow, it makes me feel closer to him.

I loved this book for a number of reasons. Not just because of the subject matter but also because I can associate with Rose in the fact that she writes poems about her experiences – something I do on a regular basis.  This is one that is going to stay on my shelf and will certainly be read again at some point.

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