Loving the Littlest Pet Shop. A Perfect Christmas Gift.

Loving the Littlest Pet Shop. A Perfect Christmas Gift.

IMG_9889Ever since I got my tablet over a year ago, Grace has also shared it and made use of the apps. Her ‘go-to’ favourite game has always been the Littlest Pet Shop and I can completely understand why. She loves the fact that she can feed, look after and play with the pets which includes animals such as penguins, dogs, cats, ponies and sheep. And believe me they are SO cute.

When we were asked to review some of the latest Littlest Pet Shop toys, I knew that Grace would more than likely squeal when I told her – and she did! What I didn’t realise what just how wonderfully generous they would be to her too.


If you have never heard of Littlest Pet Shop, the TV programme follows Blythe Baxter and her move to the city with her Dad. They live above the Littlest Pet Shop and Blythe finds out that she can talk to the pets. They have lots of adventures, and often have to deal with the Biskit Twins along with their father – all of whom are rather mean and own the larger shop up the street. The third TV series of Littlest Pet Shop is due to launch on the Pop channel in February 2015 in the UK.

We got sent Blythe’s bedroom, the treat shop and . And Grace LOVES them. She loves their cute faces and the fact that Blythe is there to look after them. She has made up story after story and spent hours playing in her room with all 3 sets.


There are a number of reasons I am impressed. All of them are interchangeable each with two different scenes/backgrounds so you can choose which story you would like to tell. All of the pets are colourful and cute and will make any child who loves this type of toy very happy indeed. The sets fit easily and neatly on top of each other and will turn individual pieces into a small town. On top of all that they are easy to construct – whilst I did most of Blythe’s bedroom, Grace put the Spa and Treat Bar together without any help from me. You are able to customise the sets as well by putting your own mark on them using the small hearts, flowers and other pieces into the little holes provided as well as using the stickers inside the packets.


Grace loves these sets so much that she regularly borrows my iPad and makes up little stories. I have included one of her ‘shorter’ ones at just over 9 minutes long (!) below. I have to admit that it is rather cute.

Blythe’s Bedroom retails at around £29.99, whilst the Treat Bar and Spa are both in the region of £14.95. They will keep your child entertained for hours. Believe me, in this house they have been a massive hit! So much so that I have purchased more pets and another Blythe for her for Christmas to add to her collection.

Disclosure: We were sent these Littlest Pet Shop sets for the purpose of this review, as well as being paid a small fee. All sets were reviewed by Grace, aged 7 and her opinions, our photos and the video are all our own and have not been influenced in any way.  


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