Christmas Magic with the Portable North Pole PLUS 20% Discount Code.

Christmas Magic with the Portable North Pole PLUS 20% Discount Code.

DoYouBelieveInSantaOne of the things I really look forward to each Christmas now is the Portable North Pole . I love the fact that you are able to customise the message and with the premium video you are able to add in a little extra to make that message from Santa Claus really special.


We put one together for Grace last year and her face as she watched the video made it all so worth it. This year we have been given the chance once again to review the Premium Video which includes extra’s such as names and photos as well as a choice of where Santa appears and what the elves are doing.

It hasn’t been the easiest of years and when Santa mentioned in Grace’s message that she has had to overcome some difficult times – and showed a picture of her kissing Muse, she sat there with a big, fat tear rolling down her face. But she carried on watching and listening.

This is the magical look on her face as she watched the video (Ross found it pretty magical too):

Grace with PNP

As well as Grace’s video from Santa, she also has a Christmas Eve phone call and birthday message all booked – seeing as her birthday is on 2nd January I thought she would like a message from the guy in red :) .

This year you can also purchase the special pre-season fan package. You can personalise as many messages (videos and calls) from Santa as you want. This includes Premium videos, Christmas Eve videos, and you can mobile sync with a FREE app. The ultimate Christmas bundle!

If you would like to make a purchase from the Portable North Pole then I am able to offer you a special 20% discount off any digital products from the PNP store and this code is valid until 1st January 2014. Simply enter:



Disclaimer: I was given a free Premium video and call from PNP in return for this review, however all views and words remain my own and have not been influenced in any way.


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