A #ZentasticXmas thanks to the fabulous ASUS Zenfone 5 Lte.

A #ZentasticXmas thanks to the fabulous ASUS Zenfone 5 Lte.

ASUS 3For a while now I have been using the ASUS MeMoPad HD7. It’s ease of use and sturdy design has impressed me, so when they picked as one of the bloggers to review their brand new ASUS Zenfone 5 Lte to review and keep, I was thrilled. Not only for the fact that I believe that ASUS make great products but also because Ross needs a new phone and I really wanted to get him one for Christmas and I can’t afford it!

He has never had any type of android or smartphone. Quite frankly, the one he has at the moment is useless and now the charger has given up! Putting the ASUS to the test, I can clearly see that he will really enjoy using this. It’s straight forward and large display, means that he won’t get frustrated (as he tends to do!) with the technology. It has a 5 inch display which sits comfortably in your hand.


Another benefit is the fact that it has two SIM card slots meaning that you can use a single device for your personal and work needs. ZenFone 5’s advanced antenna design means an improved performance when it comes to reception – and so far it seems to live up to that claim.

The fact that it is constructed with Gorilla Glass 3 means that the Zenfone 5 is made of tough stuff. It increases the density of the surface and decreases the chance of lateral cracking. There is a resilient anti-fingerprint coating which reduces smudges PLUS there is the amazing innovative glove touch which means display sensitivity is increased making it possible to use your phone whilst wearing gloves – essential at this time of year. Clever gadget.


I think that the thing I am most impressed with though is the camera. I have had an iPhone for around 4 years now and I have NEVER experienced this type of quality. In fact I was rather tempted to keep the phone for myself after seeing this as I am desperate for a decent camera.

The Zenfone 5 has multiple camera modes and has two built-in cameras, with the main 8-megapixel PixelMaster camera for professional-looking photos. It boasts a backside-illumination (BSI) sensor and wide-aperture f/2.0, 5-element lens with exclusive ASUS PixelMaster technology to capture images that are on par with most standalone digital cameras; while the 2-megapixel front camera comes with an f/2.8 lens. PixelMaster technology improves camera performance and comes with features like Selfie and Low-light modes.

The grid selection in order to choose which mode you would like to use is really simple and self-explanatory. You don’t need to be an expert to be able to use them. The low light mode is excellent. Take a look below at the before and after shots to give you some idea of the difference:



As you can see, I am still getting used to how the depth of field mode works judging by the blurred second image but I love the low light mode because, as you can clearly see, it means that photos taken in darker areas are made easier without the need for a flash – which isn’t always appropriate.

My favourite mode is the depth of field which, in my limited camera experience, is only found on a professional DSLR. Take a look below at some of the images I have taken with this – the first of which was my Silent Sunday photo yesterday:



So, am I envious of Ross this Christmas as he gets to receive this gift? Too right I am. If anyone is considering the ASUS Zenfone 5 Lte then I say go for it! (and if it is a gift, don’t take it out and use it first – you might just want to keep it for yourself!).

Disclosure: I was sent the ASUS Zenfone 5 Lte to keep for the purpose of this review as well as some funds towards some apps for the phone, however, all words, opinions and images are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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