Our thoughts on the perfect holiday.

Our thoughts on the perfect holiday.


When Mark Warner announced that they were looking for their new ambassadors for the year 2015, and they wanted people to blog about their perfect holiday, the cogs of my mind started whirring. Just what is ‘perfect’?

The Oxford Dictionary defines it above but I believe that one individuals idea of perfect can mean something so different to another person. So much so that when it comes to the perfect family holiday, it needs to include a little bit of something for everyone – particularly when it comes to the different age ranges within a family unit.

For me, the thought of a holiday is something where other people cook and clean for you. Where you have some ‘you’ time, plenty of rest and relaxation and hardly any NO work! Where you are able to take it easy with a sunbed and the occasional dip in the sea or pool with an activity here and there and maybe an excursion to keep it interesting and to make sure you experience some of what the area has to offer. Of course, when you have children, you may have to view this from another angle and the choice of holiday company becomes an important factor in your decision.

For Grace, from a seven-year-old’s perspective, the thought of the perfect holiday is something VERY different to that of ours. Holidays mean fun, fun and MORE fun! They don’t want to be wasting time laying on a sun bed! They want to be in the pool, in the sea, playing with their friends, experiencing activities. Whilst meal times are great, in their minds they are wasting valuable FUN time!! No adult who works pretty much 7 days a week wants to be doing that lot on holiday.

And what about Ross? Well being half adult/half child, he is somewhere in between. So as you can see, when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday, we have much to think about!


I experienced a little of what Mark Warner have to offer back in September when I – along with 11 other bloggers – was lucky enough to win a 4 day trip to the Levante Beach Resort. Whilst I was there, all I kept thinking was ‘Ross and Grace would love this’ from the food to the activities to the kids club (for Grace, although I wouldn’t minding betting Ross would go there if he was given half a chance!) to the spa (I would love to have a mother/daughter session with Grace) to the pools and the evening entertainment.

As a family, Ross, Grace and I love the times we spend together. As far as we are concerned:

Thats how we roll

Take a look at this video to find out a little bit more about us and our thoughts on the perfect holiday:

Finally, here is a collection of photos showing just some of the family fun times we have had together:

MW Post

This is my entry to become a Mark Warner Mum Blogging Ambassador for 2015.


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