Have yourself a Postsnappy little Christmas! A Review of Postsnap.

Have yourself a Postsnappy little Christmas! A Review of Postsnap.

PostsnapI have previously written about Postsnap: a personalised photosharing app that allows you to make beautiful greetings cards using photos from your phone, Facebook or Instagram. You can personalise them in any way you like, and send straight from your mobile. Your loved ones then receive a physical card or postcard in the post, without you having to make a trip to the post office! Or, if you bulk buy, you can have them all sent to you.

Well, recently Postsnap gave me the chance to create my own personal Christmas photoshoot by purchasing some festive props and making up a scene using some white polystyrene, white tissue paper and some decorations to create an image for my Christmas card.

We have a great shop at the end of the road with lots of lovely decorations at this time of year, so I popped there after I dropped Grace off at school one morning last week to have a look around. I found exactly what I was looking for and this is what I came up with.


We already had the Father Christmas but I chose the snowman and the little girl to match. I also selected the shiny angel hair, the parcels, the sparkling Noel sign and the tealight holder – with battery powered tealights. No naked flames here!

Once my image was chosen, I then set to work creating my card – and it couldn’t have been simpler.

I chose my design:


Selected my image:


Decided upon whether I wanted a filter (I chose Washington) and then chose the wording:


I was then able to send all 50 cards to me:


Doing all of this couldn’t have been easier – or quicker! I ordered them on the Wednesday and then were here on the Friday! This is the result:


I couldn’t be happier. I love the fact that they are original and no one else will be sending the same card as me!

You can create your own Christmas card with Postsnap. Take a look at their video to find out more:

Disclosure: I was compensated and given credit to order my Postsnap Christmas cards, however, all words are my own and my opinion has not been influenced in any way.

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