Clearing up the Minefield of Financial Advisors

Clearing up the Minefield of Financial Advisors

calculator-1-1120745-mI don’t know about you but when it comes to finance, pensions, life insurance and the like, my brain becomes completely befuddled. It is too much for me to take in! I have spoken to a few financial advisors in my time and I have to admit to just nodding my head in agreement eventually due to all the jargon being used.

I can particularly remember an office where I used to work which offered me a pension. It was great because they matched any contribution I made but I didn’t really understand what I was actually paying into or signing up for if I am honest!  I know that I had invested in shares and that they were floated on the stock exchange which was supposed to help my pension. I think I still have it sitting there somewhere (which reminds me, I really must look into that one!).

Well, now there is a new service from Beagle Street who promise to offer life cover which is straightforward and easy to understand. They offer instant, online cover, hard-to-beat prices as well as peace of mind that experts are handling your case.

I don’t know if you have seen their adverts? Why not watch their latest one below?

 What is being implied here is that the role of the Financial Advisor is almost completely extinct. I have to say that with the rise of the internet and all the online tools – especially now Beagle Street is on the case – I have to be inclined to agree with them. 

In the same way that there is more online banking, booking of holidays and shopping, I certainly think that finance in general is much more of a remote thing these days with more and more people taking to their computers. 

What do you think?

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