#NewThings Challenge – Experience a New Culture

#NewThings Challenge – Experience a New Culture

Firstly I need to apologise, not only to my readers but also to the other people taking part in the #NewThingsChallenge. I am extremely late with mine. I won’t make excuses. I am just late. Sorry!

So the final #NewThingsChallenge with CSMA is to experience a new culture – and we had the perfect experience to muster up.

Way back in January Ross and I went and did filming for BBC on a documentary called ‘Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath’. These were our costumes:



Yes, we were Neothlithic man and the programme that we were in was all about what archaeologists have found underneath Stonehenge. It was screened whilst I was in Greece, so Grace, Ross and I decided to watch it together on iplayer when I got back and find out all about the culture that we were playing a part of.

It was fascinating learning about how they have made a really detailed map of the earth underneath Stonehenge and its surroundings. It also shows how the people used to live and, in the scene Ross and I were in, how they used to carry out their ceremonial burials.

To find out more, they used lots of different instruments to scan the area to a depth of 3 metres. The early results showed that Stonehenge was not the only structure – it had 17 neighbouring shrines! 

Future, detailed analysis of all of the information that they found will produce a brand new account of how Stonehenge’s landscape evolved over time.

Among the surprises found out by the research are traces of up to 60 huge stones or pillars which formed part of the 1.5km-wide “super henge” previously identified at nearby Durrington Walls.

It also turns out that Stonehenge was a complete circle with stones that lay across the top of the upright ones.

The programme is a prehistoric journey from 8000BC to 2500BC showing the scientists uncover the very origins of Stonehenge, learning why the landscape is sacred, preserved and why so many people are fascinated by it. 

We really did learn a lot about the past culture of Stonehenge and we totally recommend you watch (not just to see us though!).


Have you tried a new experience recently? CSMA Club has plenty of ideas for free attractions and places to visit around the country on the Time Out section of its Smart Spending hub (there are also some ideas in their Ten Cheap Things To Do with The Kids article).

Disclaimer:  This is our entry for week two into the CSMA Club #NewThings Challenge

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