Room for a Little One?

Room for a Little One?

IMG_7629As Grace grows older I can’t help noticing that she has seemed to acquire an awful lot of ‘stuff’…what I mean by this is things like leaves from the playground, bits of rubber from pencils, half drawn pictures from class and random bits of loom bands. In fact, Grace now has, in her bedroom a shoe box and on the lid is written ‘Grace’s random box of stuff’. No word of a lie.

I have been lucky since we moved here as not only has Grace received a number of items to help with storage in her bedroom, she has also had a room makeover in regards to the decoration.

What doesn’t make it easy in amongst all of this is the fact that her wardrobe is built into her room over the staircase and is rather high and rather deep. Not really easy access at all. So, this got me thinking and I have decided to create a ‘wish list’ of final items which I would like to make her room absolutely perfect.


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1. A proper, decent wardrobe.

Take this one from It is a great size with plenty of storage space. It would have ‘grown up’ with her and there is lots of generous storage space from top to bottom. The soft hinges also mean no trapped fingers! 

2.  A notice board/organiser

I have seen a few of these around and I think it would a great addition to Grace’s room. It would help her to be able to plan her week and remember what she needs for school each day.

the_tidy_books_childrens_bookcase_-_natural_no_letters_-_props_-_high_res_13. A decent bookcase

Grace does have bookshelves but with a free-standing tall shelf, like the one in the photo, it would make it easier for her to pick her book and keep them tidy.

4. A beautiful rug

Yes, yes I know that isn’t an essential item. I have just always wanted a really lovely rug for Grace’s room!

5. A more grown-up matching bed spread and curtain set

Grace has gone through them all in her time. Disney Princesses, Moshi Monsters…the phase then wears out. She currently has a butterfly cover but it doesn’t actually match anything else! I am a bit particular when it comes to colour schemes.

So, there we have it. A wish-list for Grace’s room. What would you put on a wish-list for your child’s room?

This is a collaborative post.


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  1. September 24, 2014 / 10:10 pm

    I want to get rid of the comfy chair in the corner which takes up way too much room and is a dumping ground. Finally get rid of the cotbed which is used for teddies to sit on. Swap over the dressing table for a set of drawers, and get a cabin or mid sleeper bed to get more storage in.
    Emma T recently posted..Getting back into the swing of nursery school routineMy Profile

  2. September 24, 2014 / 12:27 pm

    A large bin to throw all of the useless junk into! 😉

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