Best In-Car Entertainment for the Kids

Best In-Car Entertainment for the Kids

1105898_27026966Going for a drive with kids can be challenging for parents who have no means of keeping their young children entertained, especially during long trips. Kids who are used to running around and playing can have little patience while being strapped in a car, and constantly ask you how long until you reach your destination. Children who incessantly demand attention can be distracting for parents who are driving, which can be dangerous especially if you’re on a busy highway. Thankfully, technology has found a way to help. In-car entertainment systems have been developed to cater to children, enabling parents to focus on the road ahead.

Deciding which in-car entertainment accessory or system to get would depend on the age and interests of your child. Here are a few examples to give you a better idea of what’s available in the market today.

Musical mirrors

These accessories are designed to not only keep babies entertained, but also help parents see how their child in his or her rear-facing seat is doing. Many similar accessories feature colourful LED lights, lullabies, and controls for volume so that parents can adjust it or turn off the toy completely.

Steering wheels

Toddlers can experience what it’s like being a driver through toy steering wheels that can be mounted on the car seat. These toys are powered by batteries and features lots of entertaining buttons that children can press according to the commands given by the wheel.

DVD players

Most new cars would already have built-in DVD players and screens installed for rear passengers. If you would like to have the same in-car entertainment system without having to purchase a new car, just go to your friendly neighbourhood car accessory shop and get one or a couple of DVD players and screens that can be installed in your vehicle. You can choose from screens that may be built into the back of the headrests of the front seats, or screens that can fold down from the car roof. You can keep children entertained during long drives by bringing along their favourite cartoons or movies.

Game consoles

There are parents who, as much as possible, refrain from letting their children play with portable gaming consoles, especially on school days. There are times however, when gaming consoles can save the day, and a long trip is one of them. Letting kids play with these portable game consoles during the trip can save you from stress and minimise distractions. When giving your kids gaming consoles during the ride, be clear that they can only play during the trip, and that the consoles would be returned to you once you’ve arrived at your destination. This teaches kids that the consoles are a way to fight boredom, and should not tear them away from what could be a family bonding activity.


Tablets are media players and gaming consoles in one, and lets your children play numerous games and apps, take photos, browse the Internet, write, draw, sing along with popular tunes, see photos of their favourite stars, and so on. You can also get accessories such as car chargers and headphones so your kids can have peace and quiet during the drive.

In-car entertainment options for kids aren’t just for kids; they’re also for you so you can concentrate on getting your family to where you want to be without the distractions.

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