Enjoy A Cruise…The English Way!

Enjoy A Cruise…The English Way!

1444868_24714299The English have a stereotypical reputation when they’re on holiday abroad: bright red sunburn, socks and sandals – none of these reputed English traits are particularly attractive, and many of them are not even true!

To avoid being lumped in with the English stereotype on your next journey on the seas with Princess Cruises or another of many fantastic cruise companies operating worldwide, follow these tips and you’ll do the English proud!

Wear sunscreen

Sunburn is your skin’s way of telling you that it’s damaged. To avoid sunburn, make sure you’re wearing sun cream when you go outside, wear a hat if you can, and avoid being one of the ‘mad dogs and Englishmen’ out in the midday sun! If you’re swimming, make sure you’re wearing waterproof sun cream, and reapply once you’re out of the water.

Sample the local cuisine

Many holiday resorts now boast the ‘full English breakfast’ and ‘fish and chips’. This is presumably because of the hordes of English people descending on these destinations and demanding their familiar grub. Don’t be one of them: eat in local restaurants, sample the local cuisine, and don’t be afraid to try new things!


Learn some of the language

Even if you only know how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, make sure you know a tiny bit of the language spoken in your chosen destination. Your cruise ship might have an on-board library where you can borrow a phrase book, or ask one of the cruise employees to offer you some tips if you’re totally lost. English is widely spoken at many cruise destinations, but it’s nice to show you’ve made the effort.

Dress comfortably

The English would like to believe that the national reputation for dressing badly — socks and sandals et al — is unfounded. While you’re on holiday, dress in what makes you comfortable. Remember that on board ship there might be the occasion to put on formal wear, so pack a nice outfit for dinners just in case!

Wherever your cruise holiday takes you, you’ll have an excellent time on board ship and on the shore excursions. Have a great time and fully immerse yourself in your destinations without conforming to the English reputation!

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