The Bacon Salad Extraordinaire. My Crisp Sandwich with Seabrook and #crispsarnieweek

The Bacon Salad Extraordinaire. My Crisp Sandwich with Seabrook and #crispsarnieweek

crinkle_cat_headerEver since I discovered them as a child at school, I have loved a good crisp sandwich! I can recall the memory well. I used to take a packed lunch to school which sometimes got a bit boring. It was generally some sort of fish paste but I would always liven things up a bit using some crisps. It wasn’t just about the taste – whether this was cheesy, bacony or just plain salted – it was also about the texture. The added crunch that the crisps put into the bite of the sandwich.

Seabrooks are currently running a competition over on Tots 100 to come up with a tasty and inventive sandwich (a competition that is right up my street seeing I also competed in the Ultimate Cheese Toasty a couple of months ago!). 

So what was my choice? Well, for me, I really love a good BLT but I also love bacon, lettuce and avocado salad which usually includes a bit of cheese and some croutons so I wanted to choose some crisps that helped to combine the two and make it more of a meal!

Meet my entry, the Bacon Salad Extraordinaire.


This combines the following ingredients:

  • Bacon (cooked until just off crispy
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Sliced Avocado
  • Seabrook Cheese and Onion crisps

I used a granary ciabatta and, rather than spread it with butter, I used Olive Oil and some balsamic to add to the salad effect. I then spread on a thin covering of mayonnaise then layered it with lettuce, bacon, avocado, tomato and then the cheese and onion crisps. A real doorstep of a sandwich but my goodness, it’s tasty!

This recipe is an entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook crisps

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