The Pies Have It. A Review of Higgidy on the Road.

The Pies Have It. A Review of Higgidy on the Road.

IMG_7889When I found out that Higgidy were at the Rewind Festival with The Higgidy Pie Kitchen, I was thrilled. I have continuously expressed my love for their food and the manner in which they prepare it…and it seems that a whole host of the Rewind audience did the same last weekend.

Lecia and her team couldn’t have been more accommodating when we initially stopped by on our way to the press tent. I wanted to get the chance to chat to her better so we decided to come back at a time which would be more convenient (and a little less busy for her). She told us that 4pm would see a slight lull before the evening saw more queues so we agreed to come back then.

Higgidy 2

We left the press tent with the promise of pie for the PR organisers – more lovers of Higgidy- and when we got back to the Higgidy stand, Ross and I found slightly less of a queue. In fact, we found the team getting ready for the next round of people. They had the ovens baking constantly full to capacity with pies. Lecia explained to me that they were doing extremely well and she was even considering going back to Brighton that night to collect more supplies!

On offer was a fabulous selection to suit every one. The rich slow-cooked beef in red wine with mushrooms, Spanish chicken and chorizo (the weekend special), chicken pot pie with ham and leek and spinach, feta and sweet potato pie. There were two quiches on offer: ham and cheddar with parsley crumb and spinach, feta and roasted pepper. On top of all of that, they were serving their brand new sausage rolls (which, knowing the Higgidy quality, I was rather keen to taste).


There were also sides on offer to compliment your order. These included cheddar mash, mixed leaf salad with balsamic dressing and onion and ale gravy. For £8 you could bag yourself a pie with cheddar and mash and gravy.

What I really wanted to know was whether taking the pies ‘on the road’ compromised the Higgidy quality. Well, after the taste test from both me and Ross and the PR chaps, we all agreed that the pies, quiches and all-new sausage rolls were as good as ever.

Ross said that his favourite was the ham and cheddar quiche, which was simple enough to suit his unrefined palate (his words, not mine!) but packed with flavour and dangerously easy to eat. Peter and Will from Noble PR both loved the steak pie, a firm favourite with them. As for me, it depends on my mood! I loved the warmth of the chicken and chorizo pie but as a lighter alternative, I really loved the spinach, feta and roasted pepper quiche.

Pies are not the only quality when it comes to Higgidy. Every member of staff I dealt with at the festival were happy, accommodating and eager to please. Sadly not something that is commonplace anymore but, happily, par for the course for Higgidy.

They say that the proof of the pudding (or pie) is in the eating and eating is what the people did. When Ross and I took a stroll around the festival on Sunday afternoon, Higgidy were the only food stand to have sold out and shut up shop. The quality spoke for itself.


Disclaimer: The lovely people at Higgidy were kind enough to feed us on Saturday and Sunday at the Rewind Festival in return for this review, however, all words, photos and opinions are our own here at Verily Victoria Vocalises and have not been influenced in any way. Massive thanks to Lecia and her team who did a fabulous job.

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