Guest Post: Alive

Guest Post: Alive

Welcome to day 7 of 9 of guest posts here on my blog. I didn’t want to leave my blog a barren wasteland whilst I take some time out so a group of lovely bloggers offered to write a post and share some thoughts, recipes, ideas and crafts with you.  

Today my blog belongs to Vai Chin from Rambling Through Parenthood. She is aptly sharing a poem on what would normally be Prose for Thought day. The subject is a sensitive one and I believe that she has handled it brilliantly.


The UK hosted its first Girl Summit in July this year. The focus was on a future free from female genital mutilation and child, early and forced marriages. These are issues I feel very strongly about. These, and the horror that is female foeticide and female infanticide. 

Every girl has the right to life, to freedom, to equality. A right to live with dignity. I hope there is change. For no matter where in the world she is born, every girl deserves to live her life.


Killed before I am born

Unwanted, despised

Uncared, unloved, scorned,

I will have a life.


A strict and watchful eye

Every move scrutinised

Restrained and in shackles,

I dream I will have a life.


Mutilated in body and mind

My soul forever scarred

Nobody to hear my cry,

I hope I will have a life.


Married without consent

Bartered like a commodity

Nobody to question why,

I believe I will have a life.


Judged for the way I look

What I wear, do and say

Prejudice each step of the way,

I feel I will have a life.


I am alive, I survive

I want to live my life

My destiny, my right,

I am the girl child.

You will find Vai on her blog, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Google +

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  1. August 15, 2014 / 12:33 pm

    A powerful poem. I can’t believe this barbaric practice continues. I hope it is soon stopped – unimaginable for these poor young girls. #PoCoLo
    Leigh – Headspace Perspective recently posted..Brotherly LoveMy Profile

  2. August 15, 2014 / 6:55 am

    Such a powerful poem! Female genital mutilation is utterly barbaric, I cannot believe it still goes on 🙁
    mummytries recently posted..Childhood #ThePromptMy Profile

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