The New Who Do You Think You Are Story Site from

The New Who Do You Think You Are Story Site from

a storyI’ve always been interested in family history and so, as a result, I used to be a regular viewer of the TV show, Who Do You Think You Are? As well as that, I am also a user of so I was really pleased to hear that they were launching a new site in conjunction with Who Do You Think You Are? and asked to be one of the first to review and create my own story., are a leading family history site, and have launched the Who Do You Think You Are? site to celebrate the TV show’s tenth birthday. It is a great new family history project and I was lucky enough to get early access. 

It is really easy to use and is suitable for both complete beginners to the creation of their family tree as well as anyone who has already started their records.  All you need to do is input the details you already know about you own family and then the story is automatically created, giving you interesting and informative details. It features key events for your own family as well as important issues surrounding that particular year which would have affected you or your family at the time.

I found it really fascinating, especially as I recently found out much more about my great-grandfather, Harry Page Welton. Harry was a veteran of the Great War and was one of only 5 recipients of the Silver Award for the Battle of Mons. He was the original brewer in the Welton family, brewing Dr French’s Tanglefoot cider in the King John Barn (behind him in the picture).

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Dr French was a famous Harley Street practitioner who, when he retired, told Harry – who was his chauffeur – to bin his chauffeur’s cap, put on the flat cap, because in Dr French’s words ‘We’ll do something useful and make cider now’. This he did commercially until the late ’50’s. 

Creating my story was so simple. I also found out further facts about the years that my relatives were born. For example, my Mum was born on 24th October 1946 and, exactly one year before, to the day, the United Nations general assembly was founded by 51 nations. In 1947, it had it’s first meeting.

I have only just started my story and you can find mine here. It was so easy to upload photos and get some general information and now I am looking forward to finding out more about my past and adding to my history. There is also plenty of help on the site.

You too can follow in Larry Lamb and Matthew Pinsent’s footsteps by going over to the Who Do You Think You Are? site and completing your story. You can find the site here. They are also on Facebook and Twitter. 


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