Guest Post: Safe in the Sun

Guest Post: Safe in the Sun

Welcome to day 5 of 9 of guest posts here on my blog. I didn’t want to leave my blog a barren wasteland whilst I take some time out so a group of lovely bloggers offered to write a post and share some thoughts, recipes, ideas and crafts with you.  

Today I welcome the lovely Laura who is a self-confessed beauty addict and bookworm. She blogs over at Petit Moi – Big World and is sharing the topical subject of staying safe in the sun.

dvluntI’ve been thinking about writing something relating to keeping safe in the sun over on my own blog, Petit Moi – Big World, for a while now but considering I talk about it a lot on twitter and considering I made my thoughts quite clear during a facial SPF review I did I thought that it might be a little bit of overkill. So when I started to wrack my brains about what to write for the lovely Victoria I thought I could take the chance to write a similar sort of post for you all to read.

For me the summer has always been a nightmare. I used to have horrific hay fever, I’ve got my Mum’s complexion (even though I didn’t get the ginger hair) and I’ve always been one of those people that only needs to sit out in the sun for half an hour to get the effects of sun stroke. But as I’ve got older, my hay fever has reduced massively, and I had my son I’ve started to love the warmer months so much more. But my pasty faced fear of the sun hasn’t disappeared and, when you consider all of the medical advice out there, it’s probably for the best that it hasn’t.


For a lot of you keeping safe in the sun is obvious. You know about using spf in your makeup and underneath it, you know about smothering your children in sun cream and you know about the dangers of sun exposure. So why am I writing this? Because I Keep coming across people who don’t know these things. People with the whole ‘I want to tan naturally a it looks nicer and fake tan is rubbish’ or the ‘I don’t have to worry about my child catching the sun because they tan naturally’ beliefs. Now I don’t have a problem with those people, I know plenty of people who feel that way but it worries me because it means they’re not keeping as safe as they should be.

And here’s the thing. Getting burned is an obvious sign of sun damage but getting tanned is too! It may look nice but it is as much a sign of sun damage as burning is, honestly. (There’s a page here which puts it quite succinctly: ) I’m not going to go on about it, though, I’ve said it now. Tanning is dangerous, just as burning is. If you want to tan then protect your skin from the sun and tan with fake tanning products (I hear they don’t all make you orange these days!)

What I can tell you, though, is how Easy it is to keep safe in the sun! You’ve already seen my ridiculously huge hat in the photo above – It’s hardly going to win me fashion statement of the year but it’s sooo huge that it really does help to shield me from the sun and in our own back garden who cares if I look a little bit daft?!

The Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist with an spf of 50 has been an absolute revelation to me. I always used to just use my sons 50 or 50+ products but my friend picked this up for me when it was at a bargain price from his work and oh my goodness is it easy to use!? I love it and it gives my skin a healthy glow after I spray it too. The cats don’t like it, though, the cats don’t like it one little bit it’s the noise they despise.

Obvious one in the middle but we swear by nivea for standard sun cream. We have 50+ for my son and then 50 for the rest of us (or 50+ depending on what’s around) – I see no point in going for anything lower. Why give your skin less protection for less time when you can just bathe yourself in the milky whiteness that is factor 50. I know it doesn’t look great when it gives your skin that white pallor but the stuff really does work (as long as you keep re-applying and get out of the sun if you’ve been out there too long)

Lastly if, like me, you don’t really relish the idea of putting thick, oily factor 50 body sun lotion on your face I most Definitely recommend getting a specific facial spf. A lot of them still leave your face white but there’s a few gems out there, one of which is this La Roche-Posay offering, that don’t mess around with your skin at all but have the most astounding coverage (we went to the beach a few weeks back and the sun was too much for me, despite layers and layers of sun cream my shoulders, arms and hands burned but my face was fine, due to this beauty… apart from the bridge of my nose where my glasses slip down and rubbed it off!!)

And for little ones? Hats hats hats! We’ve gathered up quite a collection of hats for my son; partly because they’re so cool but also because it means we always have one to hand and don’t need to leave the house without one. These were all £5 each, or less, and when it comes to protecting his little head from the burning sun I think they are worth every penny. Even if your child naturally tans, please cover them up and put cream on them because tanning Isn’t the good alternative to burning, honestly. 
You can find Laura on her blog, on Google +, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram.


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