Guest Post: Marble Painting

Guest Post: Marble Painting

Welcome to the third day of 9 of guest posts here on my blog. I didn’t want to leave my blog a barren wasteland whilst I take some time out so a group of lovely bloggers offered to write a post and share some thoughts, recipes, ideas and crafts with you.  

Today is the turn of Nicola from multicraftingmummy who shares the really fun craft of marble painting with us.


I hope you’re having a fabulous holiday Victoria. Thanks for having me as a guest over on your blog whilst you are away.  I m Nicola and I blog over at, where I share my ideas and experiences of the arts and crafts activities that I do with my three children aged 2, 4 and 6.

We’re having a great summer over here in Ireland filled with lots of outdoor play and lots and lots of different arts and crafts activities. I take a lot of inspiration for our activities from what is going on around us and what my kids are currently into.  At the start of the holidays I bought my boys some marbles and they have been having great fun playing with them outside, so I thought we’d have a go at painting with them.

This activity was very easy to set up, which is always good when you’re trying to set up an activity for multiple children. I grabbed a few baking trays from the kitchen drawers and I lined them with sheets of white paper.  The boys then squirted a few splodges of different coloured paint over the paper.  They then selected their favourite marbles and dropped them into their trays. My 4 year old was initially very reserved with his rolling he decided to gently roll the marbles around using his fingers to give him more control over the pattern they made.  Whereas my 6 year old just went for it and picked up his tray and rolled the marbles all around it.  His picture reminded him of a “Firework explosion”. What do you think?


On reflection it probably wasn’t a great idea to let my 2 year old daughter join in with this activity. I do tend to keep her away from the boys marbles usually, as she does have a tendency to throw them where she shouldn’t, but I thought that adding them to paint would distract her from doing this.  Oh how wrong I was!  I gave her a little box to roll her marbles in rather than a big tray to make it easier for her to handle.  I try as much as possible to involve all of my kids in the same activities and just adapt them to suit their individual ages.


The activity started off well with lots of giggling from her as she watched the marbles rolling around the box, but then she decided to tip her paint covered marbles all over the table and therefore the floor and then plunge her hands into the box.  And then if this wasn’t messy enough she then began smearing the paint all over her hands and up her arms! “Nice cream Mummy” she told me as she was doing it, probably imitating all of the sun cream I have been applying to her over the last few weeks. Now I m all for a bit of mess whilst doing arts and crafts as that’s half the fun but she just went a little too far this time!


We saved the second part of our activity for when my 2 year old was safely sleeping, as we didn’t want a repeat of the morning’s carnage.  We decided this time to add some shaving foam to the paint to see what effects that would create. This proved to be great fun. My 6 year old loved the sound of the marbles plopping into the shaving foam from a great height. He then loved swirling them around the tray which left a lovely marbled effect in the foam.  Inevitably with shaving foam and probably inspired by their little sisters earlier exploits, the boys then stuck their hands into the foam and made some lovely soapy hand prints on white paper.


If you’ve enjoyed reading this post and you are looking for some more arts and crafts ideas to keep your kids entertained over the rest of the school summer holidays, then you would be very welcome to pop over and check out my blog

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