A Coffee. Anytime. Anywhere. At My Place.

A Coffee. Anytime. Anywhere. At My Place.

cafepod 3If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know how I have waxed lyrical about coffee. Yes, I know, I am talking about it again!

Anyway, because of my love of the black stuff, I was asked to review some CaféPod Coffee in 4 different flavours: Ristretto, Intense, Smooth and Arabica Lungo. All of them are Nespresso compatible pods from CaféPod. I was then asked to show you, my readers, when and whereabouts I might enjoy them.

Well, to me, both the stronger coffees – the Intense which rates at 8 on the coffee version of the richter (!) scale, and the Ristretto – which comes in at a hefty 10 – are both morning flavours to me. Giving you a fabulous early morning kick, they are, as suggested intense, full bodied and bold. To me they are either a breakfast table treat or a ‘let’s get started on my work’ kick that I love to have at my desk.

cafepod 2

The Smooth and Arabica Lungo – which rate at 5 and 4 respectively – are much more of an afternoon and evening coffee to me. To be enjoyed in the garden with a book or after a very satisfying evening meal.

cafepod 1

To me a ‘proper’ cup of coffee can’t be beaten and since I started going to coffee shops I find that granulated coffee just doesn’t hit the mark for me anymore. CaféPod Coffee is right up there with the best of them. They have a range of flavours to suit everyone and their easy rating system means that you can choose the right flavour for your specific time of the day.

Disclaimer:  I was given some Nespresso Cafepods in exchange for a review on my blog. 


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