Bedroom Finishing Touches

Bedroom Finishing Touches

1442825_54127604Since we moved to our current house just over a year ago, the only room that hasn’t really been touched is our bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, it is lovely. The carpet is a good, deep pile. The walls are an OK colour and the curtains we brought with us fit the windows perfectly and look just fine.

However, if money was no object, I would change the colour, buy a big, luxurious bed and add some finishing touches – just to add to the serene bedroom experience! 

251445232041_1Firstly, the bed itself. It would have to be Queen-sized with a padded double headboard to make reading comfy. I would love a four-poster in the Queen Anne style. It would have to have crisp white sheets – you know, the Egyptian cotton kind and pillows you can really sink into with a duvet and cover to match. 

I think one of the walls would have to be a lovely plum shade of purple and the other 3 walls should be a much lighter shade of the purple. This would compliment the white and silver accessories that I have planned/

I already have a lovely silver lamp which sits on my dressing table so we would have to get an ornate ceiling light to match – or use the chandelier that seems to be a bit wasted in Ross’ office!

Our beautiful Pied a Terre candles would look perfect on the bedside tables which, along with the rest of the bedroom furniture which I would love in an ornate style, like the picture below.


46-damsonFinally, I would love a big, deep pile carpet in a beautiful purple colour – I don’t think white would be very practical! I’ve noticed the perfect damson colour over on the Carpetright website in their new Dynasty range.

I think that just about sums up my dream bedroom 🙂 

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