Parents! Do You Know The Hidden Dangers Of Worn Out Shock Absorbers?

Parents! Do You Know The Hidden Dangers Of Worn Out Shock Absorbers?
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Driving around on Britain’s sometimes overly busy road network means that you need to keep your vehicle in tip top condition to remain safe. This is important for any motorist, but for parents who often drive around with their children in the back, safety is a major concern. These days, modern cars have a plethora of safety features which are designed to keep the occupants safe in the event of an accident. However, few of us – if we are completely honest about it – make the sorts of checks we ought to that ensure that our cars remain in a good and roadworthy condition. You see under inflated tyres being driven around on all over the UK and sometimes these are ordinary family cars which have children in them. Tyres are one thing, but when was the last time you considered your cars shock absorbers?

The Role of Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers affect the ride and handling of a car. They are part of the suspension system and are one of the car services that tyre dealers like Point S can check for you. The idea of a shock absorber is that it allows the wheel to which it is connected to move around in relation to the road surface with not all of the bumps and unevenness of the tarmac being transferred to the chassis. This means, simply put, that you don’t end up feeling every twist and turn in the road and jolts from riding over things like pot holes are not detected by the car’s occupants.

Worn out Shock Absorbers

When the shock absorbers of a car have partially worn out, you will notice a difference in both the ride of the car when driven and its handling. Sometimes you get a swaying motion, even at low speeds, when you corner. At other times, the vehicle may not sit level. These issues tend to build up as the shock absorber fully wears out and you might not think that there is a safety implication – that is until you need to make an emergency stop.

Most motoring experts would agree that, under heavy braking, a car with worn out shock absorbers will take longer to stop. In some cases this could be as much as 15 per cent extra distance. Put another way, with worn out shock absorbers, you are more likely to crash even if you react promptly to a hazard on the road. Another problem that is generated by these sorts of suspension failings is when you need to steer rapidly in order to avoid something – perhaps a child stepping out in the road. Under such circumstances, a car with worn out shock absorbers may sway in the opposite direction from the turn you intend to make which can be disastrous. In some cases, swerving in an unexpected way, like this, will mean the inside wheels of your car come into contact with the kerb, unexpectedly making the vehicle turn over.

Don’t forget to get your shock absorbers checked for wear, just like you would with your car’s tyres.

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  1. June 19, 2014 / 11:30 am

    I’ve read a lot about the dangers of part worn tyres but never about shock absorbers…. mind you I don’t think I could even point out shock absorber!

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