Products to Aid Conception from Chemist Direct

Products to Aid Conception from Chemist Direct

Chemist direct 2As you know, I write quite a lot about conception advice on this blog, particularly as Zita West is my sponsor for BritMums Live.

There are many items on the market to help you if you are trying for a baby, many more than I knew about when I was trying to get pregnant with Grace.

Chemist Direct is one of the many companies out there that offer a whole range of conception aids and vitamins for well-being. I am going to share three of those here with you.

For Her.

Chemist Direct Post 1One of the trickiest things to estimate is ovulation. Ovulation varies with each woman depending on the length of their cycle and when you get your period. There are a few ovulation kits but I love this one from Clearblue sold by Chemist Direct. It is simple to use and easy to read. This particular kit has a dual hormone indicator. It is the first and only test that identifies 4 or more fertile days each cycle. This means you can plan ahead and give yourself more opportunities to get pregnant. It is over 99% accurate with your LH surge. The reader itself is re-usable whilst the sticks are removable and disposable. The pack that aot_main_04_thumbChemist Direct sells has 20 tests which equates to around 2 months worth. There is a chart on the instructions which you read to gauge when to start testing. The window on the reader will show either a clear circle meaning low fertility, a ‘flashing’ happy face mean high fertility and a constant happy face meaning peak fertility. When peak fertility is displayed, it will show on the reader for 48 hours so you won’t be able to test again during that time. A product that is highly advanced and totally recommended.

For Him.

Chemist direct 3Men can be left out of the equation when it comes to conception but, of course, their health and well-being can affect the process just as much as a woman’s can. There is strong clinical evidence that stress can damage the sperms health but Babystart’s Fertiliman Plus formula can help to reverse this problem. An advanced supplement, it contains zinc, selenium, B vitamins, and amino acids which all work together to support sperm quality and benefit conception, fertility and pregnancy. This product from Chemist Direct contains 120 tablets for a 30 day supply. 



For Him and Her.

Chemist direct 4Men and women differ when it comes to nutritional needs for conception. This is why the supplements and vitamins on offer are generally sold separately. Not so for the Vitabiotics Pregnacare for Him and Her. This handy pack available from Chemist Direct means couples are catered for in one go.  The mens formula is full of the necessary vitamins, micronutrients and zinc for a healthy reproductive system. It also includes selenium important for the formation and mobility of sperm.  The women’s formula includes the recommended amount of folic acid to help with a healthy foetal development. It is also packed with all the nutrients and vitamins needed to support a healthy conception. This pack from Chemist Direct contains 30 tablets for him and 30 for her.

Disclaimer: This is a post in association with Chemist Direct, however all words and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.





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