Gecko Clothing Need a Helping Hand

Gecko Clothing Need a Helping Hand

Gecko-Logo-Final-01-e1346344226164Around a week ago a company got in touch with me that impressed me with their working ethic. 

Gecko Clothing have just been shortlisted for the Inspire Wales Award based on the kids clothing that they have been designing made from environmentally friendly products which have been ethically sourced. For example, their hangtags are made from sheep poo (yes, I said sheep poo, and welsh ones at that!) which is accompanied by wild seed paper to promote the support of the dwindling bee population.  The paper can be planted by the kids who received the clothes and grow some wild flowers, providing food and shelter for a host of insects and animals, including bees. This will help many children to learn about the environment, ensuring that our varied ecosystem is functioning for generations to come. 

Emma, the co-founder of Gecko, shared the following with me:

Gecko is the spawn of Emma and Ryan Davidson to test the true boundaries of marriage. Both having lived in North Wales (UK) share a love of the outdoors and a good challenge.

Ryan throws words, images and code at the page in the hope that something interesting comes out the other end. Considering changing his nickname to “1,000,000 monkeys on typewriters”. In other words: Ryan is the designer and IT guy.

Emma takes care of everything else with some occasional nodding and approving from Ryan.’


Models1‘Gecko is about bringing together great new vibrant, bright eyed and bushy tailed designs with ethical and environmentally friendly sourced and manufactured clothing, which can keep up with you in your challenges: “Threads for any plan you’re hatching.”

All this is packaged in merriment and brought to you from the beauty of North Wales, the home of Gecko, a land we are very proud to be from and wish to support by buying local and supporting the local and Welsh economy and small business where possible.

For the future – we hope to maintain a relaxed and friendly attitude, infusing fun and a sense of adventure into Gecko as we grow. ‘

Gecko is trying to raise £1800 on Kickstarter to fund the first stage of the manufacture of their clothing. With only 24 hours to go, they are so close to their target, at the moment they only have £114 to go. It would be lovely to see them make it.

To help Gecko Clothing reach their target, their Kickstarter page is here. You can also find them on their website and on Twitter.

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