5 Tips for Healthy Weightloss

5 Tips for Healthy Weightloss

There are many reasons for people to go on a diet. These days I tend to diet more for health than to lose weight and look at the weightloss as added bonus to getting my health in check. I’ve always found in the past that if I go on a strict diet to lose weight in a short period time, no sooner do I come back off the weight starts to increase again.

When you go on any diet, you need to make sure that you take sensible precautions and do what is right by you and your health. If you are unsure then it is best to take advice from your GP but below are some tips that I have used that I believe helped me.

Plan1. PLAN

It may be easier said than done but it is always sensible to plan ahead for what you are going to eat and make sure that you go to the supermarket and purchase everything you need. I have found in the past that if I haven’t planned then I use whatever is in the cupboard and then either don’t eat sensibly or healthily or – even worse – don’t eat at all!



I have found that the diets that have worked best for me in the past are the ones I have chosen and then stuck to properly. Such as the Dukan Diet, Diet Chef and the great detox I did called Clean 9. The one thing I haven’t done is try diet drops such as Activ8 X – click here – which helps by controlling your hunger, boosting your metabolism and assisting with burning fat. If you are uncertain of which to try then there is a great site from Healthy Compare which warns you of all the scams and gives you comparisons of the diet pills available – to find out more then click here.


breakfast3. EAT BREAKFAST

Always, always, always eat breakfast! It is the surefire way to kick-start your metabolism at the beginning of the day, controls your blood sugar levels and prevents you from snacking later on. Plus it has also been linked with increasing activity levels later on in the day, helping to replenish your energy levels.


Exercise4. EXERCISE

No pain, no gain and never a truer word was spoken! To get, and stay healthy, regular exercise should become part of your regular routine in your bid for a healthy weight-loss. The recommended way to staying fit and active is to take around 30 minutes of exercise per day – and this is in total so you can break it down into smaller chunks. Activities such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing can all help to reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure as well as control your weight and reduces stress.



Many people suddenly gain weight once their ‘diet’ is over. In order to maintain the healthy weightloss once you have reached your target then you need to ensure that you stick healthy eating (treating yourself once in while) and take regular exercise. To ensure that it is something you can stick to then it is best to make the change as a family rather than just one individual. That way it will be easier to maintain and better for the whole family.  To get more tips on healthy weightloss then click here.

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  1. Brittany
    June 3, 2014 / 10:33 pm

    This article has great tips! Not many people address the issue of gaining weight after a diet is over. Eating healthy is more than just a diet it is a lifestyle that people must stick to and that is how they will keep the pounds off.Very helpful article!

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