Just What The Doctor Ordered For Father’s Day

Just What The Doctor Ordered For Father’s Day

AA413Doctor Who, the world famous Time Lord has been travelling through time in his TARDIS for more than 50 years spanning more than 700 episodes of compelling science-fiction drama.

Created by Sydney Chapman who was also the man behind The Avengers in the 1960’s, it’s not difficult to see why Doctor Who has become a significant part of British popular culture.

Not only that but Doctor Who has an extensive and loyal fan base throughout the world which was borne out by the huge number of events which took place at all four corners of the globe to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  

In the UK these included a gathering of 8,000 fans in costume organised by the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. The Day of the Doctor even set a new world record for the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama after being broadcast in 94 countries across six continents and was subtitled into 15 different languages.

AA470Adored by the nation throughout his incarnations having been played by William Hartnell at the outset in 1963 right through to the youngest ever time-travelling humanoid alien Matt Smith, each Doctor Who has had their own unique appeal and personality traits.

Who could forget the moment William Hartnell inadvertently became engaged to be married whilst in Mexico or the first time Doctor Who (played by Patrick Troughton) put his sonic screwdriver to good use.

As the third Doctor, I recall Jon Pertwee behind the wheel of his vintage car ‘Bessie’ whilst Tom Baker was the first Doctor to acquire K9 as well as the prestigious title of Lord President of the Time Lords.

AE262Peter Davison had the knack of turning celery purple as his stint of the Doctor as I recall and he was followed by Colin Baker who achieved something no other Doctor has ever achieved – getting the TARDIS’ chameleon circuitry to work.

Sylvster McCoy was always prepared for the great British weather with his distinctive umbrella featuring a handle with a red question mark while Paul McGann was the first Doctor to kiss a companion on screen (Grace Holloway was the lucky girl!).

The selfless Christopher Eccleston sacrificed himself to save his companion Rose Tyler during his stint as The Doctor followed by David Tennant who could never complain of feeling lonely with his dozen of loyal companions.


Ahhh it’s nice to reminisce and recall so many fond memories…..all inspired by this fantastic Doctor Who framed special stamp set from the Post Office Shop which would grace any home (or TARDIS for that matter) and make the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

In association with the Post Office Shop.

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