Carpets Verses Wood Floors? My Opinion.

Carpets Verses Wood Floors? My Opinion.

our loungeOne of the things I have always wanted in my home was floors which are easy to clean. To me carpets hold a multitude of sins – especially if you have pets and/or children whereas wooden floors hide no secrets! What is worse is, if you are asthmatic (thankfully I am only mildly), carpets hold dust mites, germs and all sorts of nasty things!

In our old house the cats were permanently indoors. The carpets downstairs were long so you can imagine the state of our vacuum cleaner each time we cleaned. It was clogged FULL of cat hair. We did buy a more specialist Hoover which catered for pet hair with special filters but this still didn’t help with spillages or worse!

Moving into our new house, I was pleased to find that the floors downstairs were all wooden except for the kitchen which is slate tiles.  This does mean that I need to sweep them more often but it also means I can clean them so much easier. I have a mop and some germ killing floor cleaner which I love to use to give the house a fresh smell and to get rid of any horrible things that are lurking. Last night it came in pretty handy when I decided to kick the coffee table together with a full glass of squash every where! (thanks to Ross for clearing it up whilst I nursed a very painful big toe!).


If I ever was to get carpets downstairs again, I would go for a natural carpet which is easy to clean. Carpetright do a fantastic one which is so hard-wearing you can use bleach to clean it and even use it outside!

The cats generally don’t go upstairs so with a carpeted staircase and all bar one bedroom and the bathroom with carpets this does help with the cleaning. Plus, I tend to store the vacuum cleaner in the airing cupboard so this helps with the lugging too!

So, what would I choose? Well, exactly what we have now. Wood floors downstairs and carpets up. I do sometimes miss the feel of carpets on the lounge floor but I guess I could always buy a rug!

What would you choose?

Disclaimer: This is an associated post with Carpetright.

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  1. April 28, 2014 / 7:15 pm

    We have the same as you – wood downstairs and carpets upstairs. Our upstairs bathroom is carpeted though which I want to change, the kids always seem to drop toothpaste on it!

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