Dining Room Style

Dining Room Style

IMG_6982It might sound a bit odd to you but one of my favourite rooms in the house is the dining room. For me it has always been the hub of family togetherness. I can remember so well when I was younger, some of my favourite memories being around the dining table – whether it be at home with my Mum when I was a child, or at my Grandad or Grandma’s house. It was – and still is – one of the places where we have had some fabulous conversations whether they be funny, controversial, argumentative, reflective or just down right stupid!!

Last Friday for example, we had a wonderful meal with my family. All 22 of us were there! In my younger days, my Mum’s dining room table was plenty big enough. These days we need at least another table tagged onto the end – if not two. The good thing was that the weather was lovely, good enough for two of the tables to be outside. There was a choice of lamb, chicken or beef and a bit of a manic serving session going on.

When Ross, Grace and I moved to our house in Somerset last year, we had an option of two areas downstairs to transform into a family meal room. The first is what was originally the dining room, which has now become Ross’ office (complete with chandelier!) and the other is our conservatory.  Which houses our dining table and chairs together with some lovely lighting.

dining-tableWe have had a couple of family meals in here now and have hosted Ross’ family a few times as well as my sister and her family and some friends and it works perfectly. Alt some stage we would love to be able to afford an upgrade of our dining room table and chairs – some of this furniture from Wren Living would work perfectly – as we noticed just before we moved that there was a huge scratch right across the middle of our table!

Over the years to come I hope that we are able to form more happy memories around our dining table as our family grows and meals are eaten.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in association with Wren Living.

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