School Shoes: Top Styles this Spring

School Shoes: Top Styles this Spring

logo_georgeAs the weather gradually improves, and the season of spring emerges, a child’s school uniform is likely to change a little. After all, when the sun’s out, who needs toasty jumpers and thick tights? Certainly not kids who spend their time running around outside and getting into mischief! While little girls will be saying goodbye to their pinafores in favour of a gingham summer dress, and boys will be opting to ditch their jumpers in favour of a short sleeve shirt, it may also be a good time to update their school shoes.

No matter how hard you try, a pair of school shoes will look well-worn, scuffed and past it within a few months. Kids don’t treat their shoes like adults do – they don’t just walk everywhere, because where’s the fun in that? They run, skid and slide! No wonder shoes don’t last very long. Plus, they may have had a little growth spurt, so make sure you go to get their feet measured so that you know what size they now are – it may surprise you.

Once you have had their feet measured, you can update their school shoes to suit the spring weather. There are some great styles of boy’s and girl’s school shoes in stores at the moment for you to choose from too.

For the Girls

There’s a wide range of George’s girl’s school shoes for you to choose from, so you shouldn’t worry about spending over the odds on a pair of shoes that will likely be replaced in September.

A cute pair of ballet shoes would go down a storm with little ballerinas – choose a pair with an ankle strap so that your child still has the support of a shoe that won’t slip off. Of course, older Asda Shoes 1girls won’t need the ankle strap as much, and can opt for a pair of normal ballet shoes, but if they’re at an age where they’re playing and running in the playground, ankle straps can be invaluable.

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean that you should forgo leather shoes either – these superb value Leather Bow Detail Shoes for £15 have a leather upper, so that the shoes remain breathable as well as comfy and supportive.

For the Boys

The key when it comes to boys shoes is how durable they are. You can just imagine what they get up to in the playground, playing football with their friends and suchlike. You’re going to want a pair of shoes that lasts – a pair that is scuff-resistant, if possible.

Asda Shoes 2Younger boys may benefit from some shoes that have Velcro straps so that they don’t have to worry about trying to do their laces every day, while older lads may love the style of these Leather Slip-On Shoes which will make them look ‘grown-up’.

Keep an eye on their trainer situation too – they may need a new pair of trainers for outdoor sports, or some plimsolls for indoor games, depending on what PE entails for them. As long as they’re comfortable and their feet are well supported, there’s nothing to worry about. They can stride into the new season with a spring in their step!


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  1. April 3, 2014 / 3:37 pm

    Thanks Vicky, what with moving back into the British system from Canada we are going to need new uniform, new shoes etc etc – ‘sneakers’ and wearing whatever you like is the Canadian norm!! Xx

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