Symptoms to Expect During Pregnancy

Symptoms to Expect During Pregnancy

1358376_36106255The first trimester of a pregnancy can be a very trying time. There are many things you can expect over those first few weeks that show up along with your body changes. Here is just a small list of the symptoms to expect during pregnancy and how I found ways to help deal with them.


Thankfully, with Grace, I didn’t suffer with this one too badly. I used to suck an awful lot of mints which I always had in my car anyway. I was a driving instructor at the time and I used to find that mints helped the nervy students as well as my potential for nausea. I distinctly remember one day when I was teaching, my student was driving along a large road. I was feeling really sick and had to wind the window down. Thankfully he was quite advanced and I didn’t have to say anything! I also used to find that ginger beer helped. Nausea tends to stem from the rising levels of oestrogen and progesterone which cause the stomach to empty more slowly as well as the heightened sense of smell.

Needing the Loo More!

Again, a tricky one when teaching. I explained in this post about trying to find a decent toilet when on the road – it only got worse when I was pregnant! This would strike at the most inconvenient of times too.  Luckily I had a lot of people taking their test so I was a frequent visitor to the test centre loo! I also used to do an awful lot of pelvic floor exercises – which still help to this day! As your uterus enlarges, it puts pressure on the bladder thus meaning more frequent toilet breaks.

Food Cravings or Aversions

The thing I absolutely craved when I was pregnant was lattes. Of course, I was concerned that I was drinking so much caffeine but I figured that as my body was craving it, that was what I needed! When I was in labour though I couldn’t have the smell anywhere near me – it made me want to heave! Grace has a massive love of coffee now. Food cravings are down to hormonal changes – which, in the first trimester, are the most dramatic.


Heartburn symptoms are all too common during pregnancy. This hit me in my first trimester and followed me all the way through. I used to have tablets in the car and would panic whenever I ran out.  The reason for the heartburn is because the oesophagus movements are slower to push food into your stomach and then it is slower to empty too. The slowdown means the nutrients have more time to be absorbed into your blood stream and reach the baby. However, this also means that it could lead to heartburn as well as constipation.

So Emotional

I am bad enough when I am not pregnant as I cry at pretty much everything, so you can only imagine what I was like during my pregnancy! The ever dramatic hormone changes can swing your moods from one to another in an instant (poor partners!) . To cope, the best way is to remind yourself that it is completely normal, take care of yourself and look to your partner and family for the understanding and encouragement you will need.

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