Top Chocolate Shops for Mothers Day PLUS Win A Fortnum and Mason Hamper

Top Chocolate Shops for Mothers Day PLUS Win A Fortnum and Mason Hamper

Handmade ChocolatesSo Mother’s Day is coming up and you want to go buy your mum a box of chocolates. Sure it’s not an original present but it’s one that your mum will be delighted with all the same. In fact, she’d probably be pretty upset if she didn’t receive any this year. But where do you buy them from? You can avoid splurging and dipping into your savings account by popping to the supermarket and picking up a good old box of Dairy Milk or picking up a delicious, yet predictable, chocolate box from Thorntons but you can do better than that surely?

Well you need look no further than the British high street for a classier choice of chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat
This British chocolatier is the only company within the United Kingdom to grow cocoa on their very own plantation in Saint Lucia, meaning that they have full quality control when it comes to their products. In-store you can take your pick from the individual chocolates, each with exciting and unusual flavours; from rum punch to caramel cheesecake, custard tart to raspberry panacotta. Alternatively you can pick up one of their iconic 500g slabs of chocolate that probably won’t last as long as you’d think.


If you’re walking through the shops of London or Manchester you may come across the luxury chocolate shop Godiva. This chocolatier first opened its doors at the Grand Place in Brussels and has since spread to some of the top shopping areas across the world, with stores popping up in luxury shopping malls in the US and boutiques appearing in the fashionable areas of Paris. Inside you can take your pick from the beautiful truffle collection or choose from their extensive individual chocolate collection. You could even opt for a wonderfully wrapped box from their gifting collection, which will leave your mum impressed.

Now it’s unlikely that the kids are going to raid their piggy bank and hop on a plane to Paris or travel across the globe to Tokyo to pick up these next suggestions but it’s always nice to dream.

Chocs pic 1

Enric Rovira

Based in Barcelona, Enric Rovira’s chocolate shop goes far beyond your ordinary box of chocolates. His high-concept collection is inspired by the world that surrounds us as well as the entire solar system. Try the ‘Continents’ gift box where each chocolate is filled with an ingredient from a different continent, or why not sample a taste of the ‘Ocean’, where flavours of the sea and the surrounding land are combined into a taste sensation.

Jean-Paul Hévin

With shops located in Paris, Japan and Hong Kong, Jean-Paul Hévin provides luxurious chocolates that are beautifully presented. This chocolatier is not afraid to experiment with new flavours and in the past has come up with creations such as goat’s cheese filled chocolates and chocolate energy bars, both of which are surprisingly delicious.

Chocs pic 2

Le Chocolat de H

Young chef Tsujiguchi is behind the tasty treats in this Tokyo chocolate shop. He combines typically Japanese ingredients to create strange but wonderful pieces of confectionary with the citrus fruit yuzu playing a big part in many of his flavour combinations. The collections are inspired by the seasons with champagne and strawberry chocolates appearing near Valentine’s Day truffles with whisky ganache appearing in the winter months.
In a bid to save your pennies and use the money to buy an extra gift your Mum this Mothers Day then why not enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a Fortnum and Mason Champagne and Chocolate Hamper.

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  • A winner will be chosen at random and notified within 24 hours. Failure to claim the prize within 3 days will result in a new winner being chosen.
  • The competition is open to UK residents only, over the age of 18.
  • The prize is the item detailed above. There will be no cash alternative offered.

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