It’s a MADs Season – Every Vote Counts!

Nope I said to myself. No, I am not going to write a post asking for people to vote for me. It doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t.

W  R  O  N  G !!!

Of course it matters! Who am I trying to kid? When I saw there was a linky too over on the MAD Blog Awards site, how could I not get involved?!

Last year I was so lucky to be a finalist in the Most Innovative Category. By some fluke chance, lots of lovely people out there believed in me and my blog and put me there. I hadn’t really thought about making it that far to be honest. As far as I was concerned I was very new (less than 6 months) and it was never going to happen to me! But, oh newbie bloggers out there, it did – and it can happen to YOU too!!!


I’ve had a few very lovely, kind people tell me that they have voted for me in Blog of the Year – to even get nominated for that category, well, I feel extremely honoured. I would also be extremely happy to be back in the group of Innovators. #PoCoLo – and now #SoFoLo – is because I love helping other people you see, and I try very hard to make sure that I highlight as many of my linkers as possible. I am a firm believer of the fact that every blogger has a right to be here and have their voice heard – isn’t that a part of what the internet is for? OK, it may not always go according to plan and some of us may get our fair share of trolls but, hey, we are not here for a LONG time, we are here for a GOOD time ๐Ÿ™‚ We are all in this blogging malarkey together!

The other place I would like nominations – if you don’t believe I am suitable for Most Innovative or not worthy enough for Blog of the Year is the Writer Category. Poetry is a big part of my blog and of who I am and again, I love supporting people in this. It is so wonderful to hear from other bloggers who said that they have tried poetry because they want to link up to Prose for Thought.

It is very hard for me to write a list of other bloggers whom I would recommend but what I would ask that you do is have a look at all the wonderful people who link up to #PoCoLo every week. This year I believe that the competition is hotter than ever and there is such a wonderful diversity of posts and voices out there.  So many of them have become not just firm favourite blogs but good friends too.

Kidglloves banner

That said, I can’t sign off without asking you to take a look at our other blog. Cathie from Wicked World of Lucas and I started a blog back on Christmas Eve from the perspective of our kids – 5 year old Lucas and 7 year old Grace.  Called kidGLloves – I am not sure if I need to explain this but the middle bit is our children’s initials and then we wanted to say whether they did or did not love things – we wanted to make sure that the blog is written in our children’s voices and is as honest as possible. For example, Lucas recently reviewed the DVD ‘Reef 2’ – he really was completely honest. He didn’t like it. I held my breath as we forwarded the URL to the PR and all she said was ‘I’m sorry Lucas didn’t enjoy it’! Then Grace did a video review of Skribbies trainers and they loved it so much they have put it on their YouTube Channel :). We are also in talks with a holiday company too ๐Ÿ™‚

kidGLloves would love your votes in any category you feel suits them especially Best New Blog and Best Schooldays Blog.


Since writing this post, it has come to my attention that the kidGLloves blog is too young to be nominated for the MAD Blog Awards. They have written a post about you NOT voting for them and wasting your vote. You can go over and read what they said here

So, there we have it! Voting is currently open for business and closes on 24th March. It’ll be round afore you know it!

If you’d like to vote for or then pop over to the Categories Section on the MAD Blog Awards site here!

Good luck everyone. Happy Voting ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you seen this year’s MAD Blog Awards Video? I am bumping bums with Mr Mozzarella!



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  2. Katherine Wilson
    February 25, 2014 / 9:46 am

    Love your dress last year! Thanks for writing about the 2014 awards, hereโ€™s wishing you the best of luck for Verily Victoria Vocalises!
    MADs Editor

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