Is Your Child a Spoiled Brat?

Video Games FanOne of the things that I have always been concerned about is having a spoiled brat for a child. I know, I know, it sounds a bit harsh but lets face facts – so many kids these days seem to get whatever they want! I’m afraid I just don’t get it!

What I didn’t count on was being a single parent with an only child. The guilt you feel is incredible and it would be easy to get carried away with the fact that you want to ‘make it up’ to them.  I could have given Grace far too much and instead I try to monitor what she has and make sure she understands that she needs to look after things. When Ross came into the picture things got easier and he is far better than I am in monitoring what Grace does and doesn’t get and, between us, we deal with it pretty well. What makes it harder is when Grace’s father undermines us and still buys her whatever she wants. For example, for her birthday we agreed that he would buy her a riding hat and we would get her some Playmobil and a pair of riding gloves. That was all well and good until the last time she came back from his and told me that she also had a new bike!

The other issue we face is how many holidays she has. We try our best to restrict this, coupled with the days out and offers I receive in line with my blog and given the fact that her father wants to take her away but it is hard. Then, I have 7 sisters and brothers – all of whom buy her birthday and Christmas presents (I am not going to stop that!) together with Ross’ family too. Of course, Granny spoils her but then she does that with all her grandchildren – and isn’t that Granny’s prerogative?!

I was stunned to read that, this month, research by protection-plan provider SquareTrade revealed that nearly one in six parents report that a child has damaged an electronic device within one month of owning it, costing parents a whopping £310 million in unexpected, and unwanted, replacements and repairs. SquareTrade’s UK Kids Damage Pulse Survey was conducted using Google Consumer Surveys and feedback was collected from a total of 2,550 online consumers

The research from SquareTrade also found that one in three children are taking £1.5 billion worth of high-tech equipment, from tablets to smartphones, to school each day. However, only half of these devices are covered against accidental damage, meaning parents could be left picking up the tab-let if all goes wrong! Where on earth do all these people get their money from?!

SquareTrade’s European Managing Director Kevin Gillan said: “50% of the devices children are bringing to school are uninsured, which means a lot of parents are going to be forking out a fortune on repairs and replacements. Paying out can be easily avoided, as long as you have a good warranty in place.” Which is where SquareTrade can help.

So this brings me back to the initial question. Is your child a spoiled brat? And, if so, is that why they don’t look after anything they’ve got?!

Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post and I did not receive payment. I just found the statistics interesting!

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  1. Emma
    February 1, 2014 / 8:02 am

    Vicky, the Grace I met with you that day on the beach was far from spoiled. Indeed she was quite the opposite. A charming little girl xx
    Emma recently posted..Parenting is…My Profile

  2. January 29, 2014 / 12:01 pm

    I do worry about this. Although we try our best, with all the things available these days it is a real concern as they have got a lot of gadgets and so many toys too.. I try to balance it out but think its something we need to be aware of as it can be easy to go too far with giving them everything
    anna m recently posted..Orion Early Reader: The Little Nut TreeMy Profile

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