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Guest What BadgeWelcome to this week’s ‘Guest What’. This feature gives writers of other blogs the chance to submit a post and put it up on my site. It may be that they write here about something they wouldn’t normally say or put up on their own site, or may be they would like my readers to know more about them…whatever your reason you are very welcome here 🙂

This week’s blogger is Izzie Anderton from The World According to Izzie. She has grown-up twin girls who are both away at University. I find her account fascinating as she is going through a time that I have yet to go through. I always enjoy her writing and she has also written a book about her experiences.

Now available on Kindle...only £1.02Well here we are almost a week into 2014 – the decorations have been flung back through the loft hatch and life is slowly getting back to normal (whatever that might be) after the chaos that was Christmas.

Now that my twin daughters are all grown up, I’ve been thinking about the things I miss about not having little ones. Believe me, this isn’t something I ever thought I’d hear myself say, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and there are times when I wish I’d appreciated their early years more than I did – despite the relentless exhaustion.

This is what I miss…

  1. Curling up with a good book. Most of their books are still around somewhere and just occasionally, I extract one from the book shelf and reminisce. My daughters’ all-time favourites were ‘Ginger’ by Charlotte Voake and ‘Winnie the Witch,’ by Korky Paul and Valerie Thomas.
  2. Toy shops – we used to take the girls into town almost every weekend. They were obsessed with small, plastic animals and usually returned with a couple more to add to their collection. I miss toy shops so much, that occasionally I wander in for a fix despite having no one to buy for.
  3. The joy of watching them sleep – I never get to see my teen daughters sleeping now, as most of the time they’re at university and when they’re home, bedroom doors are firmly closed and their privacy is not to be invaded. But a snoozing baby or toddler – honestly is there anything more beautiful?
  4. Works of art – There’s nothing quite like the latest art work proudly displayed on the fridge. I still have most of my daughters pictures and craft projects. Sadly, if I ask for a picture now – I get treated only to a scowl.
  5. Easily consoled – There weren’t many problems that couldn’t be sorted with a chocolate button (or two), a hug, or some other distraction technique. Sadly teenagers aren’t so easily placated and most of the time they’re best left alone, unless they suggest otherwise.
  6. Happy to tag along – It didn’t matter where we were going, the girls always wanted to come too. Teens are hardly ever up in time to go anywhere and if the excursion doesn’t interest them – they’re not going to humour you by making an appearance.
  7. They go to sleep before you – this allows valuable down time to make sense of the day and maybe enjoy a glass of wine or two. Make the most of it – quality mum time is virtually non-existent as they grow older. Teens are either taking over the house, or you’re fretting over them going out.
  8. They’re always happy to see you, after all you’re the centre of their universe. Teenagers can stay in their rooms for hours – you know they’re in there as the house throbs to the beat of the latest chart downloads, but they leave only to forage for food, meet friends/ go to school etc. It’s lovely to be honoured with their presence even for a family meal, but they need space and soon retreat to their territory. Sad, but true.
  9. Their scent – I was completely hypnotised by the scent of my daughters, (dirty nappy time excluded). In fact I still love to sniff them, but usually get swatted away like a fly. It’s a mum thing – hubby so doesn’t get this!
  10. The hugs and the kisses – As the girls have become older, the amount of hugs and kisses has decreased exponentially. The best opportunity I get for a hug now is if they’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and need a pep talk. Hugs are good, right? They make us feel loved and that’s the angle I always use when I’m trying to extract one from my daughters. Sometimes they even fall for it.

So there you have it, these are the things I miss and wish I’d enjoyed more at the time. I still love being a mum to my daughters more than anything – they’re lively, often hilarious, and sadly, have just returned to university after almost a month at home. I’m already looking forward to the Easter holidays.

I’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy 2014 and here’s to another year of fabulous blogging.

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  1. January 8, 2014 / 5:57 am

    So pleased to see Izzie guesting. I always enjoy reading her blog.
    Such a lovely post – so important for parents of younger children to realise this. As mum to two tweens, I can already see these things happening. I ALWAYS look at my kids when they are sleeping – they look so beautiful. When they’re asleep they almost look like babies again.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Should I stay or should I go?My Profile

  2. January 7, 2014 / 11:36 am

    I love the way you always write with such fondness for your girls Izzie. It can be difficult to see the beauty in a toddler or small child when they’re up multiple times every night, and tantruming left right & centre, but I already know I’ll miss these days as soon as they are over. Watching them sleep has been a particular favourite for both myself and hubby ever since 4yo was a teeny baby… we never get bored of that one 🙂
    MummyTries recently posted..What kept the kids entertained #letkidsbekidsMy Profile

  3. January 7, 2014 / 7:34 am

    Lovely post Izzie. I need this post at the moment as my two are still very little and frequently drive me crazy, you have reminded me not to ever wish the time away though, it is very precious.

    I loved your book as you know, so amusing, heart warming, and educational, I feel a little more prepared after reading it for the teenage years to come!

    Happy New Year and wishing you every good thing for 2014. Cat xx

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