Family Weekend Water Fun

180738_10150143936547664_2093100_nThere’s a phrase circulating amongst popular social networking sites at the moment that says ‘the first five days after the weekend are always the hardest’ and for most of us this is completely true!

As anyone with a family will know, weekdays are filled with frantic activity including; school runs, work, clubs, cooking, housework, cleaning…I could go on.  We live for the weekend usually only to find that we’re so tired from the week’s exertions that we’re too exhausted to do much anyway.

However, the weekend is your time to spend quality time with your children and loved ones, away from the pressures of work and school.  Not a minute of it should be wasted and some of the best ways to enjoy your precious down time include water based activities.  Whether it’s by the ocean or in a leisure pool, swimming and water activities are fun for everyone.  In addition, giving your children the gift of water confidence will benefit them throughout their entire lives.

Here are some exciting watery ways for your family to make the most of your upcoming weekend:

180454_10150143936797664_5928644_nCharter a yacht

It’s surprisingly quick and easy to obtain a boat operator card from sites such as  Just a few hours of lessons and an online test and you’ll be sailing across the ocean quicker than you can say ‘ahoy there’

Children adore sailing into the open sea and relish the adventure of exploring new areas. In addition being in charge of a yacht gives your family the chance to work together as a team.  Designate the kid’s jobs to help make everyone feel involved.

Water jump run

This is a nice easy game that can be enjoyed from your backyard for those weekends when you feel like staying close to home.

Run a strong stream of water from your garden hose across the garden then wiggle the hose back and forth like a snake.  Encourage the children to jump over the stream without getting their feet wet.

You could also turn this into a game of water-limbo by lifting up the hose and getting the children (or adults) to limbo under it.

Hours of free fun!

Go Fish

Okay, not strictly in the water, but lots of outdoors fun nonetheless.

Forget investing in the cute fishing equipment designed for children as the line is usually poor quality and they’re difficult to cast – you’ll spend more time untangling the line than you do fishing.  Buy the shortest rod you can find, a lightweight reel and some good quality line.

Finding the right water source is essential to a successful fishing trip, but it’s probably best to find one that isn’t very crowded.  Kids can get very enthusiastic with their casting and you want to be catching fish, not people!


Swimming is a great way for the entire family to exercise together and teaching your children to swim arms them with skills that may save their life one day.

Vital swimming skills include:

  • Floating
  • Treading Water
  • Sculling
  • Basic rescue skills

Swimming is a low impact, yet effective form of exercise for all ages. It’s particularly beneficial for anyone recovering from an injury or new to working out, so could be a great introduction to your water-filled fun.

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