Fitness Tips for Winter Workouts

When the weather takes a turn a lot of people put their trainers and fitness gear away and take out the big winter coats and the thick socks. This means that their fitness regime comes to a grinding halt all because it’s a little bit chilly outside and they don’t really fancy running through the wind, rain or sleet.

Fitness tips for winter workoutsJust because it’s not the perfect weather shouldn’t mean you can’t still work on your fitness, otherwise all of the hard work you’ve put in throughout the summer months will be for nothing and it’s likely to be much harder to reach the same fitness levels when it does become warm enough to venture outside. One of the best ways of staying warm while training through the winter is to wear compression clothing like the socks available at, which have been specifically designed to help keep athletes warm while they’re participating in any sporting activity in an attempt to keep muscles warm and to reduce the risk of injuries.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with winter training is the dark mornings. They set their alarms as normal to get up and go for a run or the gym before work and as they draw back their curtains they see that it’s still dark. That, coupled with the cold weather, is enough to send many people back under the duvet so you need to find a method of bribing yourself to get out of bed. It may be something like preparing a really nice pre-workout breakfast the night before, it could even be the thought of a nice hot shower afterwards to warm you up getting you ready for the day ahead.

The workout you choose is also a defining factor in winter training motivation. If you’ve planned an activity or session that you enjoy then you’re much more likely to follow through with your plans whatever the weather. People are much more likely to jump out of bed in the morning if they’ve got something they’re looking forward to, so start your day with your favourite workout and save the less favourable workouts for the evenings or weekends.

If you’re not a morning workout person, force yourself to go after work. Evening workouts can be a great way of unwinding after a busy day, especially if you’ve been sat at a desk for what seems like hours, and running on a treadmill or lifting a few weights can be the perfect way to get rid of that stored up energy.

A final suggestion is to make sure that you work out with a friend. Whether you’re there to spot weights for each other or just to run together for a chat to make the miles fly by beneath your feet, having someone training with you is all the motivation you need to go through with your winter training because if you miss the session, they’re likely to as well and you can have great fun shedding weight, building muscle or getting fit and healthy together.

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