The Fridge Freezer. Our Story of Spills and Chills!

DCF 1.0Now I am sure you are all wondering why on earth I am writing about my relationship with a kitchen appliance. It is a story that should…no…needs to be told.

Ever since I moved out of home at the age of 18 I seem to have had one disaster after another with fridges, freezers or a combination of the two. There has been a never ending battle of the wits between us, we haven’t gotten on for one reason or another and it has generally ended up in tears/water being shed on one side or the other. I have to add at this stage that it hasn’t always been my fault or the fridge/freezers fault – at times third parties have been involved.

My first story takes me back to the first home I shared with my ex husband. He was a Chef and, therefore our fridge/freezer was a large, second hand deal which was always well stocked. One week the house started smelling progressively worse as the days went by. We had no clue what had happened nor why this awful stench was emitting itself from our kitchen resulting in a large amount of flies starting to make themselves at home in our lounge and kitchen. Eventually my ex finally realised. He had left a packet of chicken out on top of the rather tall fridge freezer and forgotten to put it away. It was rancid. Full of maggots. It stank. It made us retch as my ex prised the packet off the top of the poor white – now discoloured appliance. Needless to say the poor white unit was never the same again.

Then came another house and another relationship – both partner and appliance – a number of years later. I recall that the very large fridge/freezer would make an awful racket on a rather regular basis. The old boy was probably on it’s last legs but I never realised it at the time! One very hot summers day we came home to find that fridge freezer had spilled its guts all over the conservatory floor. Not only that but this particular room was absolutely boiling at the coolest time of the year and, therefore the aroma was distinctly unpleasant. Thankfully we had house insurance that covered the contents. The only problem was that it came in the form of £200 of vouchers from Iceland. Not a store I choose to shop in I’m afraid. And we couldn’t afford a new fridge freezer so yet again I was saddled with second hand.

My final ‘horror’ story happened last year. It was COMPLETELY my fault this time. When my Grandad passed away, my Mum and Uncle were left to sort out the contents of his house. One of the items left was a larder freezer which I took with me when I moved in with Ross. It again sat out in the store room and was an overspill unit for all the reduced items we would purchase. The fridge freezer in the kitchen had a piddly little freezer section! No good for all those bargains! As it was the ‘bargain holding’ freezer, it wasn’t used on a regular basis. This is where it went wrong. One day I went to get a couple of items from the spare freezer. Nothing out of the norm there. However, when I returned 3 days later I realised I had left the door..and a drawer…open! Doh! All those bargains became a lost cost 🙁 Thankfully this time the freezer lived to tell the tale and is happily whirring away in the kitchen at our new house.

But that’s not the only happy ending. I have always wanted an American-Style Fridge Freezer.  This is one of my ‘dream’ appliances. When we moved into our house back in June our larder freezer served us well but we left the fridge/piddly freezer behind and…cast your mind back to the temperature back then…we had no fridge! Cool bags and ice packs served us for the next few weeks as we waited for this beauty to arrive….


Thanks to Ross, my dreams came true and all my Christmases arrived at once! Now my Grandads larder freezer and my American Beauty co-exist happily in my kitchen (please don’t tell them I wrote this…I don’t want to jinx it!!).

This appliance gets my seal of approval!

This blog post is my  entry into the Tots100/PartSelect ’Love Your Appliance’ competition


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  1. November 30, 2013 / 1:35 pm

    Love your new appliance, but it wouldn’t fit into our kitchen. Years ago I was rushing to switch off the electric appliances before we went away for a week to Austria. We arrived back home to a very smelly kitchen, as by mistake I switched off the fridge as well. Needless to say, it was all hot inside and absolutely revolting
    Galina V recently posted..Mini pampepatoMy Profile

  2. November 30, 2013 / 10:50 am

    It may not seem important, but a good refrigerator can make a big difference to your happiness in the kitchen! I realised this only when I bought a bigger fridge and was so happy about the extra space. Congratulations, your gift looks awesome!
    Tarana recently posted..42 Reasons Why I Love Dubai!My Profile

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