My John Lewis Secret Santa Gift.

John LewisI’m going to take you back around 4 weeks. I went shopping in Yeovil and had a couple of hours to spend before I was due to go and get my hair done. I am not one of those people who spends very much on myself at all and I am proud of buying clothing bargains!

I had sent for a brand new black winter coat courtesy of Zalando – I love it, it’s like a big duvet! – and got some new white snow boots from a Groupon voucher (£19 instead of £69.99 – and they are lovely). I also managed to get some white/ivory fingerless gloves with fold-over mittens – useful if you have a touch screen phone like me! – with a voucher I had been given for Sainsburys. You can see that I was going for a black and white theme here – I love to co-ordinate my clothes and look fashionable. However, I was in town searching for a scarf. It had to be the ‘right’ one. I couldn’t find it so I left it and thought I would make do.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and a space became available for me to take part in the John Lewis Blogger’s Secret Santa. It was fate..because look what arrived for me a few days ago:

John Lewis scarf 1


I would never have spent that much on myself normally..especially on a scarf! So what an absolute luxury to have something so indulgent. A 100% pure wool, ivory scarf, made by Whistles, sent to me from my Secret Santa, thanks to John Lewis and their scarf range.

I have worn it on the 30 minute walk to school and back every day since. It is so long that it means I can wear it over my head and round my neck. It is beautiful. I love it. Thank you.

And who did I pick for? Well, I had to pick for Vikki from Love From Mummy. I noticed that she didn’t really drink coffee so I chose another wonderful option. I hope she likes it!

Disclaimer: I was given a gift from the John Lewis range to keep. No money was received for writing this post and all words and opinions are my own.


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