What Makes Your School Great?

Every school prides itself on being unique and having something that all other schools don’t have or can’t offer. Whether it’s a successful sports team or a band that gets asked to play at all of the town events, or maybe even a set of students who are regularly appearing in competitions and anthologies, you want to shout about them, and rightly so.

What Makes Your School GreatSuccess should be celebrated and as a headteacher you want to make sure that people who need to know, do know. The best place to get information out nowadays is through your school website. The Internet is now the place that people first learn about most things, overtaking the TV and radio news and going way beyond the local and national press. For that reason it’s almost essential that you have a well designed, frequently updated school website that informs existing and prospective parents, as well as Governors, about all of the latest news and events, and agencies like Primary Site can provide you with the ideal platform.

Users are able to come up with a concept design of what they want their site to portray, with a team of designers ready to do the hard work, with the teaching staff just needing to provide a brief and to give the nod to hit the ‘live’ button. After that, teachers are able to log-on at their convenience and update the pages with news from events involving their students or upcoming events that parents need to be aware of, such as dress-down charity days or class trips so that they can plan in advance for their child to attend.

They can also provide a platform for the students to showcase their work, because many of the sites designed by the likes of Primary Site incorporate video and audio in the form of podcasts and blogs. This not only gives the students the opportunity to showcase their media skills by letting them get to grips with the latest technologies, but it also encourages them to go onto the school website and show their friends and family videos of them and their classmates, or get them to listen to the podcast they created in their lesson about a certain topic.

There is also the opportunity for the school to change the backgrounds according to the time of year. A lot of sites have a template background which can look out of date, but changing the background when it’s Christmas, Easter, or even according to the seasons can help to keep the site fresh and exciting.

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