Eradicating the Blues with Winter Sun Holidays

It is with a big sigh that we welcome the winter months. Waving goodbye to the pleasurable summer season is not nice, but never fear, there is a solution to beating the blues and escaping the icy cold weather and rain filled weekends.

Winter holidays are designed to help beat the effects of S.A.D that can leave us feeling utterly miserable at the mere sight of another dull day. Not only are we able to take a last minute, well-deserved break before the Christmas festivities but we can actually improve our health (the perfect excuse for a hot, exotic getaway if one was really needed). The increase of vitamin D actually reverses the effects of the winter blues and we can be cheerful whilst anticipating the arrival of the spring. So instead of skulking around feeling sad and depressed now is the perfect time to throw on a bikini from and relive the glory of the summer.

The winter can be a long and taxing period of the year that seems to drag on forever. It is important to have something to focus on in order to relieve the effects of S.A.D and to reintroduce feelings of excitement.

Winter Blues

A higher number of people than ever before are searching for winter sun with two thirds of holidaymakers believing that a winter holiday actually leaves them feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy enough to battle through the remainder of the winter. A third actually claimed they noticed an improvement in their health.

In recent years the typical summer holiday has been abandoned. Life is tough, daily tasks are hard and everything seems far more demanding than ever before. With this in mind, the number of holidays taken throughout the year has increased.

Rather than simply taking the bog standard two-week break in the summer people are now waiting until the colder months to lengthen their summers. Mini breaks are the way forward as they serve to alleviate stresses and strains at regular intervals. The most stressful time of year is being handled differently thanks to some sun exposure.

Winter holidays have increased by 52% as people have finally seen that a summer trip makes little sense – why escape a hot, sunny climate to go away to a…. hot sunny climate?

Now all that is left to do is…

Pick your destination

Think sunshine, heat, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

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