Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Flatscreen TV for your Home

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATelevisions have become such an important part of our lives that we forget that there was a time when they did not exist. Now there are more televisions than there are people in every country, with an amazing variety of types and sizes available.

Televisions Over the Decades

Commercial televisions first became popular after they were formally introduced in the 1939 World Trade Fair. By the late 40s, after the wars were over, TVs became a part of the booming economy, and they also decreased in size from the large boxes of the previous decade. By the end of the 50s, the 21-inch television set had become a household staple, and remote controls had come into being. Sharper technology, better colors, larger TV sets and superior programming – all added to make TV sets an essential part of every home. By 1978, black-and-white televisions were no longer in existence and satellite television had begun to rule the waves. By the beginning of the next century, flat-screen TVs had begun to replace the old boxes, and excellent hardware and superior transmissions had taken televisions to an all new level.

Flat-Screen TVs

Today, there are various types of flat-screen TVs, and it is not easy to decide which one to buy for our homes. When we begin our search for a new TV, we should look for a flat-screen that offers the best picture quality and also is the right size for our homes. There are many good brands of flat-screen TVs such as Samsung televisions. It is, therefore, important to choose carefully.

LCD, LED or Plasma Flat-Screens

There is a lot that differentiates these three – plasma sets have the widest TV-viewing angles; LCD TVs look better in a brightly lit room; and LEDs are more energy efficient, all good TV brand names such as Samsung will offer you many different options. You need to take many factors into account such as budget, the latest technology and the brand name, before you decide on which one you want.

Size of the Television

Decide where you are going to place your TV before you go out to buy one. How far are you going to be seated from it? Is the room brightly lit? How much wall space is there if you are planning to put the TV up on the wall? The price of the television is also based upon the size and the technology it incorporates.


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