Preparing for the Party Season

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe coming of winter can only mean one thing: it’s time to party through those long, chilly nights. It’s a war zone out there though – you can’t just throw on any old outfit and be done with it. Planning ahead is essential to make an impact this season.

This article will tell you how to not just survive winter, but how to see it all the way to new years in style. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to make everybody in the room take notice, so dig out that makeup bag and look for gorgeous sequin dresses for any occasion as we help you make your holidays the happiest yet.

Let’s start with beauty; the secret to looking fresh this winter is to keep everything moisturized. Remember to stay as hydrated as you would in summer to keep your skin glowing and attempt to limit drinks that dehydrate your body, such as coffee and alcohol. The cold temperatures will also try to give you a bad hair day; make sure that your curls are safe by removing as much moisture as you can from them before leaving the house and using a moisture-rich conditioning creme regularly. Finally, never forget to pack some lip balm in your handbag – you don’t want to be caught with cracked lips while out on the town.

Now we get to the good part: your wardrobe. Some winter trends never die, such as sequins and the military look, but if you’re looking for a change then make a statement with a tartan number this season and embrace the traditional look. Pale colours, such as pinks and whites, can help you bring a touch of class to proceedings while surfing the wave of fashion. A surprise hit this season has been low heels. Don’t be put off the pair your grandmother used to wear – they’re comfy, cute and certainly safer on those icy patches you’ll encounter. Lastly, you won’t want to go anywhere without a coat! Leather is the go-to classic here, but classic printsor even faux fur are a chic alternative if you’re looking for something a little more cosy.

Lastly, let’s talk about your handbag – not so much its looks, but its contents. We’ve already covered the importance of moisturizing, so a small bottle of something for the face and hands can help you stay looking healthy all day. Speaking of hands, sanitizer will help you in the fight against illness, washing them regularly wherever you go (especially important for you brave commuters). Tissues are essential at this time of year, as you never know when the sniffles might strike or when you’ll simply need a barrier between you and the world. Of course, a nice thick pair of wooly gloves, a warm scarf and hat combo will give you emergency warmth and comfort when you need it most.

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