Christmas Gifts for the Football Fan in Your Life

Choosing a Christmas present for someone is one of the most difficult decisions you’re likely to make all year, and it’s made even more difficult when the person you’re buying for has a particular passion or hobby – like football. Die-hard football supporters often already have everything they could possibly need from the bed sheets to the replica shirt, but there’s always something out there that’s perfect.

A gift that’s a bit different is always likely to put a real smile on their face on Christmas morning, so have a think about what they’ve Footballalready got, and work from there. One such example would be to think about the club they support (pretty evident from the shirt they’re always wearing), and to log on to a site like to buy them a pair of football socks or shorts in their team’s colours so they’ve got the full kit to wear the next time they go for a kick around with friends or to a training session with their club side.

Of course, if they’re going to have a kick around, they’re going to need something to kick around! A football might seem like a really obvious gift, but they don’t last forever and having more than one ball in their possession is never a bad thing – theirs might puncture while they’re playing or it may just wear out because of all the use.

If they’re old enough to drive a car, then you’re likely to find all kinds of football-related gifts that are designed to be put inside vehicles. From tax disc holders with their club’s badge on, to mini-kits that are designed to be stuck in the window and even window stickers, you can give them the chance to show off their support for their club even when they’re not en-route to a game.

Some pieces of equipment are a legal requirement to play football, and without them the referee can genuinely prevent you from playing. For that reason a pair of shin pads would make a great gift. Some come in the simplest form that simply slide inside the sock and fasten using Velcro, while others provide protection for the ankle as well as the shin, and they are put on like a sock and fasten at the top, providing the maximum amount of protection from challenges from opponents.

Then you have some equipment that is down to the players being, well, wimps! During the cold winter months, footballers regularly play wearing gloves to keep their hands warm, and if you’re looking for a stocking-filler rather than a main present, a pair of gloves would be a good move. They differ from goalkeeper gloves though, which are much more expensive and will only be of benefit if they are actually a ‘keeper, so find out what position they play before you buy them!

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  1. nortonmum
    November 20, 2013 / 9:23 pm

    What did you say ‘more than one football’ try one a week with a footy mad 13yo and a garden with trees. Even the goal can’t protect the poor ball. Thanks for the stocking filler ideas too.
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