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This week’s Guest What blogger is Stephanie Arsoska who runs two fabulous blogs – Beautiful Misbehaviour and Storybramble. She is an eloquent, thoughtful writer and I always enjoy reading her posts.

ChristmasSo it’s November, too early to start going on about Christmas? Well seeing as I saw Christmas products in the shops in August this year I am I am going to go with no! So this is a Christmas post all about Christmas traditions – the ones I love and one I definitely do not!

I was the eldest of three brothers. Each year we were beyond excited come Christmas Eve. We each had our own stocking and we would find a place to leave it for Santa to find in our living room. We would put out the milk, mince pie and carrot and then get jammied up and into bed stupidly early only to be awake half the night with excitement about the day ahead, Christmas Eve was always the longest night of my life!

In the morning we would be up at the crack of dawn and begin the campaign of dragging my parents out of bed. No one was allowed in the living room until everyone was up, my Dad was always last and there would be an unbearable wait for him to come thumping down the stairs. Once we were all gathered it would be one person’s turn to open the door to see if Santa had been. If it was your turn then you would slowly turn the handle to the living room door, push it open a crack and peek round.

And it would be your eyes that would first see that the Christmas tree was on in the dark room, coloured fairy lights glowing across the piles and piles of brightly wrapped parcels. You would spot that the milk was half drunk, the mince pie eaten and the carrot munched. You would realise that your stocking wasn’t where you left it because Santa must have moved it when he came. And once you had drunk in that glorious site all by yourself you would turn back and report to the desperate waiting other three that yes Santa had indeed been before everyone ran in to begin opening presents.

I LOVE Christmas. To me it is the ultimate in joy, family and magic. I especially love Christmas traditions, having these little magical routines that you perform each year feels so special. Once I had children I knew I wanted to create lots of these little traditions.

I started with the ones from my own childhood so our Christmas mornings look like the ones I had when I was wee. But I wanted more! Over the years I have added in the Jammies from the elves that many people do (you hear a noise up the stairs, what was that? Let’s go and see. Oh look two parcels from the elves with jammies in – ta da!)

Each year my little boy and girl come with me to the shop and buy one Christmas decoration each for the tree. We enjoy looking at them each year and remembering when they bought what. As they get older I think our tree will be wonderful collection of Christmases past.

There is one tradition that flares up like pus filled boil on our screens each year that has me hissing at the TV with rage. The sexist Christmas adverts that show martyr like mother’s doing all the grunt work while the men sit around eating and drinking and generally being useless. I hate this media image of motherhood which does no favours to anyone, besides the men do the cooking in this house because I am hopeless in the kitchen!

On the whole I love Christmas traditions and I am always on the look out for more and who better to ask than the blogasphere? Do you have a special Christmas tradition that you have either taken from your own childhood or created for your children as an adult. I would love to hear (and steal!) your ideas.

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  1. November 23, 2013 / 10:04 am

    We always get our eldest daughter to read ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ out loud before everyone retires for the night. I only hope that she’ll be home in time to do it this year as she’s now 19 & usually has plans! A lovely post x
    Izzie Anderton recently posted..Sherry For Seven-Year Olds.My Profile

  2. Stephanie
    November 21, 2013 / 8:08 am

    I love that! I don’t really like the chocolate ones, I have always fancied one of those wooden ones with little drawers but they are kind of pricey. I am not very crafty though so making my own is probably beyond me. I am totally stealing the treasure hunt idea!
    Stephanie recently posted..Mother Hens – A Letter to the Teenage Girl with Disordered EatingMy Profile

  3. Gemma
    November 19, 2013 / 9:56 am

    I am starting a new Christmas tradition this year surrounding advent calendars. Both of my children have severe dairy allergies and seeing the crestfallen looks on their faces that of an entire aisle in the supermarket of chocolate advent calendars they couldn’t have any of them. Last year I forked out for dairy free advent calendars but they were very expensive and the designs weren’t very inspire. This year I have made my own fabric advent calendars with their names on and every day they get a little treat, crayons, bubbles etc. On Christmas eve the pocket will contain clues to s treasure hunt which will have a Christmas DVD and some popcorn at the end. I hope that this new tradition will make them feel special during a time when they are surrounded by things they can’t eat.

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