‘Tis the Season to Eat Chocolate – and Tesco gives us the perfect excuse!

photo (48)Last week the lovely people at Tesco sent me two items from their new luxury chocolate range. Of course, chocolate never does last long in this house and when they sent the Tesco Gingerbread Stars (have I ever told you I love Gingerbread? – especially at Christmas!) to scoff test AS WELL as a Chokablok Christmas Pudding it was gone pretty quickly BUT like any good memory, the taste of good chocolate stays with you. So, did the Tesco chocolate make the grade? Read on dear readers, read on!

Now before I start, I need to give you some information about the chocolate that was sent to me:

  • It is made by the master chocolatiers behind Hotel Chocolat and Harrods
  • Tescos grade it as affordable luxury, with prices ranging from £4 to £20
  • High quality ingredients were used in all products across the range

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photo (45)First up were the Gingerbread Stars, retailing at £4 for a box of 8. Ross and I had one of these each with our morning coffee last Wednesday and then some more later on that evening. Believe it or not, we did make them last that long! I always believe that the chocolate taste test needs to be experienced at different times of the day to gain the full appreciation of it!

First of all, I was really pleased to see that the chocolate wasphoto (50) lovely and thick and had real bite to it. Swirled on the top was white chocolate, sprinkled with crunchy ginger biscuit.  The taste was gorgeous. Ross and Grace both sampled it (contrary to the clip above, my conscience got the better of me and I did share!) and both of them really enjoyed it. The only thing I would say is that I would like a bit more of a ginger taste to make it that bit more Christmassy but that is only down to personal preference and didn’t detract from the taste of the chocolate.

photo (47)We managed to cling on to the Chokablok Christmas Pudding until the next day (I hid it and exercised my willpower!). Now normally I don’t like raisins in chocolate but this was entirely necessary to emulate the Christmas Pudding effect. I loved the fact that it was covered in gold leaf – it completely added to the experience – the raisins were yummy and the milk chocolate had a dark chocolate swirl running through it. Again the chocolate, in a Christmas tree shape, was thick and creamy and luxurious in taste. Without any prompting, Ross read my mind and said exactly what I photo (49)was thinking. It tastes exactly like Christmas. There was an added spice – I couldn’t tell you what it was as I couldn’t see anything in the ingredients – which I can only assume was a cinnamon or gingerbread flavour that tasted like the smell of Christmas (if you get what I mean!). Unfortunately Grace missed out on this one – but I believe even chocolate is sometimes sacred and should be reserved for the grown-ups! 😉

In conclusion, Tesco state that this luxurious chocolate range is the perfect, affordable Christmas gift for friends and family and I am happy to endorse this. I believe that both of the Tesco’s products sent to us really did achieve the taste memory test. The reason? I am sitting here on a Sunday evening typing this having finished the last bite on Thursday evening and the memory remains, leaving me wanting more. Definitely the sign of great chocolate to me.

Chokablok also comes in Santastic Cinnamon, Cherry Merry Christmas and Turkey Starstrucksupernova ( I definitely love the sound of that one!).

Disclaimer: I was sent two products from the Tesco Festive Chocolate range for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are my own and have not been influenced in any way.Chocolate post logo


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