Memo Etc. A Really ‘Rubbish’ Review!

A stationary reviewOne of the things I have always loved since my school days is a good stationary set. I used to get really excited about the smelly fruit rubbers, bendy rulers, bendy pencils and especially tipex! What a great invention :). My pencil case was always covered in graffiti and I would regularly do swapsies with my friends with things like rubbers that looked like hamburgers or a fabulous pen that wrote in neon colours. Now Grace seems to have emulated me in her love of stationery – I think it might be a girl thing! Either that or she is destined to be a writer. She is always getting out all of her stationary, lining up her toys and playing schools.

I was recently asked by Memo Etc to review a set of stationery made out of recycled materials. Fantastic! I was rather excited and really intrigued to see what I would get. I also knew that I would have to hide it from Grace if I wanted to put it to the test first – although, of course I will share it with her…probably!

A stationary review 2The first item on the list is a fabulous black and purple pencil case made out of a tyre. First things first. You won’t lose it – it really smells very strongly of rubber! It is really durable though and if your drink leaks in your bag then with this pencil case it will keep everything dry 🙂 I would have been proud to have shown this one off at school!

Then there is the notebook. The cover on this is made from recycled leather. It makes it look really upmarket and rather flash!

A stationary review 3The pens and ruler are innovatively made out of corn. Really peculiar but they work and, of course, if you chew the end at least you know it is edible!

The coloured pencils are a pack of 6 different colours. I can’t really see it myself but these are made out of old CD cases of all things. They work really well (I would love it if they played music as you drew as well though – somebody really needs to invent that!).

I think that these items would make wonderful gifts either separately or as a set. The other plus is that you are helping the planet by using recycled materials for a really useful purpose. Oh, and for the record the ‘rubbish’ is far from that!

Disclaimer: I was sent a set of recycled stationary for review but all words and opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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