Getting a Pizza the Action with Dominos

20131023-122519.jpgLast weekend we got offered the chance to try the brand new chocolate twisted dough balls from Dominos Pizza before they were released onto the menu on 21st October this week – and let me tell you, they are gorgeous!

On Saturday evening we drove over to Yeovil to pick up the chocolate twisted dough balls as well as a large Meateor pizza as well as a half and half combining a New Yorker without the hot dog but with extra ham and a chicken and bacon (living out in the sticks means no one will drive out to deliver!) plus a starter of chicken strippers, and we ordered it just in time to get back to watch the X Factor.

One of my favourite things of a week is our family time at the weekend and the X Factor is the perfect time to sit down, watch and have a meal together.

The pizzas were all really tasty with just the right amount of topping on each one. Grace’s favourite was the Meateor – which I’m inclined to agree with her on – and Ross enjoyed the New Yorker.

We also realised that Dominos sponsor the X Factor Fifth Judge app so we decided to download it for my iPad. Ross and I found it rather distracting but Grace loves it and now I’ve found something to keep her occupied whilst the ‘boring bits’ are on and it means she will stop distracting us!


After saving some room by keeping back pieces of pizza for lunch the next day, we were ready to try the chocolate twisted dough balls. I’ve said it before but they are gorgeous! They are warm, buttery and, most importantly to me, chocolatey! There are 6 in a portion which meant two each for us.

So, next time you order a Dominos pizza, why not add the chocolate twisted dough balls? Great value at £2.99 (especially if you’ve got them all to yourself!!).

Disclaimer: We were given up to £25 to cover the cost of our order to include the chocolate twisted dough balls. All words and opinions are our own and not been influenced in any way. With thanks to Dominos for this opportunity.






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  1. lisa
    October 23, 2013 / 9:26 pm

    I’ve tried these mmmmmm mmmm theyr like bitesize pan au chocolate…..I’m so sophisticated I can’t even spell it ;-).

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