Alphabites Cereal by BEAR. Spelling out the goodness.

Bear Presentation packThe very lovely people at BEAR recently sent us a very special presentation pack containing two boxes of their very tasty cereal together with some magnetic letters (which we have had great fun making words with on our fridge!) and some lovely crafting goodies – something we are looking forward to making.

BEAR are an award winning healthy snack brand, who make 100% pure fruit snacks. They have just branched into the cereal market with new Alphabites, the first no nonsense children’s cereal.

Grace and I have tried the cocoa Alphabites previously..and we love them! Not only for the fact that they have a great taste but because they contain absolutely no added sugar, are only sweetened naturally with coconut nectar – which has a low GI and means no crazy sugar highs or grizzly sugar crashes – and they are the only childrens cereal to contain no added sugar (sshh, don’t tell Grace it is supposed to be a children’s cereal!).  As well as all of this they are high in fibre and are 1 of 3 of your daily wholegrains.Bear cereal

Coconut nectar contains 16 of the 20 amino acids our bodies need to process all those minerals and vitamins properly. It’s especially high in glutamine, which makes our immune systems stronger and helps our bodies heal wounds – great news, especially for the coughs and colds time of the year!

We also got sent a pack of the plain Multigrain cereal and this is also very tasty – we are happy to eat either pack, or even a mix of both! A great, and very healthy, way to start the day…for kids of all ages!

You can find more about BEAR and their products on their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Disclaimer: We were sent the presentation pack in return for a review. All words and opinions are our own and we were not influenced in any way.

Bear Craft

Bear magnets 1


Bear Magnets 2

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